4 Web Monitoring Tools You Should Know

Whether you have a blog, online app or eCommerce store, monitoring your server and security is essential. If your website goes down and you are not aware, it might stay down for hours or even days, is this is terrible, both for your human customers who will not be able to find your site, and to Google, because it will start wondering if your site is really solid and desever those high rankings!

Don’t worry, below you will find 4 tools that will help you with that!

1. Pingdom

This is one of the oldest and most popular website monitoring tools around. The starter plan starts at $12 per month, and it will check if your website is up every minute. You can customize what happens in case your website goes down, and you can include up to 10 different websites on the same plan.

2. Apica Monitoring

If you need something more sophisticated, or if you are looking to monitor the uptime and performance of cloud or mobile applications as well, take a look at Apica. They offer some very advanced monitoring features like load testing and scale testing. There is a free trial available if you want to test the services at no risk.

3. Sucuri

This tool will monitor the security aspects of your site. For instance, it keeps track of all file modifications on your server, to make sure that no malicious code was added without you being aware of it. They also check for known vulnerabilities, and they even have a service to clean your server in case something bad happens. Worth a look.

4. Logentries

This service allows you to monitor the log files from your online application (it can be hosted on your own server or on third party servers like Heroku). You can set custom tags, and if those tags appear on the logs, it can take specific actions (like sending you an email). This is very useful for complex applications that might require different actions in case of different crashes or errors.

Original post: 4 Web Monitoring Tools You Should Know

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