Check Out This Chrome Extension to Network Like a Boss!

As you probably know, networking is essencial, regarless of your professional field. Whether you are a lawyer, teacher, corporate employee, freelancer or business owner, having a large and active network of contacts can make or break your career.

Back in the day networking was all about going to conventions and trading business cards. Today, thanks god, things are digital. Instead of trading business cards you add people on social networks, which include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to get started.

With me so far? Good.

The problem is that the vast majority of business communications take place over email. Even people who still like to trade business cards will only include their email addresses and phone numbers on the business cards. That is a problem because while email helps for networking, it’s not ideal.

Networking is also about getting to know the other person, her interests and areas of expertise, her latest career moves and so on. Likewise you want to show to your network of contacts your interests, areas of expertise and so on.

Social networks are the ideal platform for that, but so far we only have the email of our professional contacts.

Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s a clever Google Chrome extension called ManyContacts.


I say clever because it’s a very simple yet quite useful idea: simply visit a web page and it will recognize all the emails there and display their respective social networks. For instance, if you open your gmail, it will display the social networks of all your contacts. Sweet huh? Here’s a video showing how it works:

Now get off your bu** and start adding those contacts to your social networks. If you have a lot of them, do so in daily batches (20 or so every day). It’s a bit of work now, but it probably will pay its dividens in the future!

Original post: Check Out This Chrome Extension to Network Like a Boss!

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