Want to Promote Your Site? Discover 100 Top-Ranked Sites for Guest Posts

Freelance writing for online magazines and posting guest articles on another blogger’s site are two of the best strategies for promoting your own site. You get to reach large established audiences and become an influencer in their eyes by association. You also get to introduce them to your site. Online magazines and other bloggers usually include a “Bio” or “Author” section at the bottom where you can give a brief description about yourself along with a back link to your own site.

The publisher also gains from this strategy. He can offer a new perspective to his regular audience. Bloggers can decide to “swap posts.” In the end it is a great networking tool.

The question then becomes: how do you find these highly-ranked sites that accept guest writers? Because not all of them do.


Recently I came across a well-researched document that will help you with this task titled “100 Top Sites that Accept Articles and Guest Blogs.” Written by Deborah Regen, the 47-page file is the result of her own research while pursuing ways to promote her travel blog. The PDF file costs only $5, and you can find it on Fiverr.com here. If you prefer you can also pay directly via PayPal and get the PDF via email. Email here at admin@ecotourlinq.com to use this option.

The 100 listings in the file have been divided in the following sections:

For Women
Food / Wine / Beverages
Parenting / Family
Personal Development
Money / Investments / Real Estate
Health / Weight Loss / Fitness
Business / Startups / Entrepreneurs

And here’s how a listing looks like, so you know what you’ll be getting:

Small Biz Trends


Stats: 2 million unique monthly visitors.

What Is It: This is a high-quality and very popular online magazine. Read by business owners, vendors, and many others.

Requires application to be a guest writer first: YES

What to Submit: You have to become an approved guest contributor before you can submit any articles. Tell them about yourself first, what industry or topic you are most expert in, provide 2 – 3 sample topics you would like to write about, provide a link to your website or blog, and provide a link to one or more articles you have published online (other than your own site). Read about their submission
guidelines before applying to them – http://smallbiztrends.com/about/article-submission-guidelines

How to Submit: Send your email requesting approval to – experts@smallbiztrends.net

Here’s the link on Fiverr again if you want to buy.

Original post: Want to Promote Your Site? Discover 100 Top-Ranked Sites for Guest Posts

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