Top 7 Pokemon Go Websites and Resources

If you want to collect all the pokemons, evolve them faster than your friends and be the very best trainer around, a little help couldn’t hurt, right?

Whether you are looking for tips, maps or tutorials about the game, the websites and resources below are certainly going to have what you need.

1. Niantic Blog

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth by following the Niantic blog. Niantic is the company that developed the game. On their blog you’ll find all the latest updates about the game, behind the scenes stories and so on.

2. Pokemon Go Global

This website cointains several resources for the game. For instance, there is a Pokedex with the first 151 Pokemons available in the game. They also offer a list of spawn locations and a blog with the latest news about the game.

pokemon go websites

3. FastPokeMap

This website is dedicated to helping players find pokemon spawn locations around them. Just select your current location and you’ll be able to see pokemons around you.

4. PCMag 21 Pokemon Tips

The guys from PCMag put together a really nice slideshow with 21 tips that will help you throughout the game. For instance, did you know that if you turn off AR you will be able to capture pokemons easier?

5. Pokemon Go Pro

This is one of the first online forums completely dedicated to Pokemon Go. Sections include Strategies, Trading, Adventure Logs, News about the game. The site also has other sections like a Pokedex.

6. PokeCommunity

Another forum dedicated to the game. The number of members and posts is similar to Pokemon Go Pro, but the forum is structured around individual questions and not categories, so you might find it easier to navigate.

7. Pokemon Go DB

This site aims to be a database of everything related to the game. For instance, you have a Pokedex with all the pokemons, egg charts, guides, moves, stats and so on. Very useful.

Original post: Top 7 Pokemon Go Websites and Resources

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