Lower Your CPC Following These Simple Methods

Everyone knows they need a good ad but it’s often easier said then done.  Just coping what your competitors are doing and doing a light modification is something most small business owners do. The problem with this is they focus on the ad copy and not enough on the structure of the ad.

In last weeks hangout I drilled down exactly how I setup clients AdWords search campaigns and the settings I use inside those campaigns to give them the best chance of success early on.  This can be found at – http://marketingplaybook.co/hangouts/adwords-ppc-search-campaign-setup/

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As Usual I have the live hangout to accompany this written guide.  It’s packed with good stuff and details so feel free to watch it or just keep reading on.

What is an Ad group?

An ad group contains ads and keywords inside them. After you create a campaign you then can organize that campaign by setting up ad groups.  Inside each ad group you will have similar keywords and can write a more targeted ad for those specif set of keywords.

See https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375404  for Google’s Exact answer

In AdWords example linked below they list 3 different ad groups

ad group = Deserts : Keywords = Cupcakes, apple pie, ice cream, cookies

ad group = Beverages : Keywords = Soda, coffee, iced tea, orange juice

ad group = Snacks : Keywords = Potato Chips, beef jerky, mixed nuts, rice crackers

With this kind of segmentation you are organizing each ad group by a specific theme.  Personally I think the above is a poor example and let me show you why.

If I were to bid on the keyword “cupcakes”  Then people are not searching for ice cream or cookies.  There intent is on cupcakes.

Imagine going to Google and searching for cupcakes.  How exactly would you match the user intent if you were to group keywords like “apple pie” or ice cream”?

The end result would be a poor ad that the user is most likely not going to click on.

So what I recommend clients do is break down each ad group into it’s lowest denominator and write a SPECIFIC ad for each and every keyword they are bidding on unless you can group them into a specific product or service.

With the “Deserts” ad group you could drill down another level.  Instead of having “Deserts” as my ad group I could have something that looks like

ad group = Cupcakes : Keywords = blueberry Cupcakes, velvet cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes

ad group = Apple Pie : Keywords = apple pie, dutch apple pie,

ad group = ice cream : Keywords = chocolate ice cream, Valina ice cream, straw berry ice cream

ad group = Cookies : Keywords = peanut butter cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies

With the above ad groups and the keywords in each separate ad group I have now drilled down a little more to the users intent.  No longer will people searching for cupcakes be shown an ad that is generic and could be used for all deserts.  They are far more likely now to click on my ad now that I can write a specific ad about cupcakes.

But Wait….. There is more!

If someone where to do a search for “blueberry cupcakes” and saw a generic ad for cupcakes they may click it as I’m really close to the users intent.  However I can’t really name every cupcake inside my ad copy so I’d probably have to write a generic ad about cupcakes.

I really want people to click on my ad so why don’t I just give them exactly what they are looking for.  I can drill down further and create an ad just for each any every type of cupcake I sell.

Here is what the new set of ad groups might look like

ad group = Blueberry Cupcakes : Keywords = blueberry Cupcakes, blueberry cream cheese cupcakes, blueberry lemon cupcakes, blueberry cheesecake cupcakes

ad group = Velvet Cupcakes : Keywords = velvet cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, red velvet cake cupcakes, red velvet cream cheese cupcakes

ad group = Vanilla Cupcakes : Keywords = vanilla cupcakes, best vanilla cupcakes, very vanilla cupcakes

I dug into AdWords Keyword tool to grab more keywords  – https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home

Now we are cooking.  We can now start writing ads based on the users true intent.  Instead of writing a more generic ad we can fill our ad group with very target ads that really match the users intent.

Major benefits of drilling down on ad groups and only having highly related keywords in each ad

  1.  You can write a targeted ad that is very targeted to the person performing the search
  2. You can now link that ad to the exact page talking about that specific product instead of a top level category
  3. You will be able to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and get more clicks because your ad is very specific

As a bonus to this.  People search for what they are looking for.  When you drill down to specific keywords they are normally longer tail keywords.  Instead of “cup cakes” we are bidding on “Blueberry cupcakes”  this person is far closer to making a buying decision then someone doing a more generic search.  They know exactly what they want.

Writing the Perfect Ad


Quality Score – Tying your efforts all together


Next week I’m most liking going to take on ad extensions or keyword match types.  Both are great topics.  Feel free to send use a tweet letting us know which one you would rather have covered first – @mktgplaybook . I’ll probably hop over to Facebook or Bingads next as well.  Feel free to provide some input on what you need to know and if you are having any issues getting things setup I suggest you join our currently free at the time of this writing Private Facebook Group.  Details are at http://marketingplaybook.co/connect/


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