4 Ways Blogs Can Make Your Business Mode Credible

First things first, what is really a blog?

Many people still associate blogs with personal online diaries, but that is an obsolete definition. Although they started as personal diaries, over time they evolved to become general publishing platforms. A blog is just a type of website these days, one that gets updated regularly, lists content in an inverse chronological order and that allows readers to interact with the content by leaving comments.

Some very high profile and large websites are blogs. Examples include TechCrunch, HuffingtonPost and Mashable.

For the characteristics mentioned above, blogs tend to attract many visitors, and that is why they are the perfect tool to promote any online business or website.

Using Blogs to Build Trust

Often times business is all about credibility. If you have a credible product and brand, customers will want to do business with you and buy your stuff. If you don’t, they will probably go to a competitor, even if your products or services are of superior quality.

If that is the case, boosting credibility is a must, and in this article you’ll learn how you can do just that using a blog!

1. Showcase your expertise

Customers want to buy from companies that know what they are doing, and by having a blog you’ll be able to showcase that. You’ll be able to write posts on a wide range of topics, technical and otherwise, highlighting your knowledge and expertise on your field.

2. Interact with clients

Clients, current and potential, will be able to not only read your stuff, but to interact with you by leaving comments, answering to polls and using the contact form. This interaction will certainly boost your credibility because it will show that you are available for personal interaction, should they need it even after they buy your products.

3. Teach your clients

One of the best ways to sell is to teach. Suppose you are selling computer parts. Launching a series of posts teaching the average person how to build a computer from scratch would be an awesome way to gain goodwill, credibility and more customers, all at the same time!

4. Get recommended by other people

If you start putting out high quality and useful content on a regular basis, soon other websites, blogs and magazines will start linking to and recommending your articles, and this will further boost your credibility, as your blog will help you be seen as an authority on your niche.

How to Build A Blog Easily

You are probably convinced that a blog would bring many benefits to your business, correct?

Now I am going to explain how you can build your own blog without spending a lot of time or money, and with no technical skills whatsoever!

There are several online platforms that automate and simplify the process of building a blog, and one of the best is Wix. You can easily and intuitively start your own blog with Wix’s platform.


Once you signup, which is free initially, you’ll be able to pick a name for your blog and so start customizing it. You’ll find several high quality templates available that you can choose for your site.

After you finish tweaking your blog design, it will be time to start creating some new content. Wix comes with a very intuitive blog editor that will make the process of writing new posts and pages very easy.

The next step is to promote your posts and pages. Unless you do that, no one is going to come visit and read them. As Internet marketers like to say, content might be king, but promotion is queen.

Luckily if you are using the Wix website builder you will have many tools to promote your content. for instance, there are video and photo galleries available, and tools to allow your visitors to share your content on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. In addition, there’s Wix ShoutOut, the platform built-in email marketing service.

Another very important aspect of promotion is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is about making sure that Google likes your blog, so that it will send a lot of traffic your way.

Wix comes with a very good SEO configuration out of the box. On top of that you will have access to the SEO tools, to further boost your organic traffic.

Time to start building that blog. Good luck!

Original post: 4 Ways Blogs Can Make Your Business Mode Credible

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