Looking for a WordPress CRM? Check Zero BS CRM!

The best products are born when the creators are looking for a solution that just doesn’t exist on the market, so they decide to build it themselves.

That is how the Zero BS WordPress CRM plugin was born. The creators need a CRM for one of their websites, but the available solutions like Salesforce were too expensive and too complicated to install and use. There were some self-hosted solutions available, but they looked obsolete.

zero bs crm

Where the other customer relationship tools have thousands of features, ZBS keeps it seriously simple. After all, it’s only by removing all of the feature-creep that you can strip a tool down and see what is really useful. The ZBS team plan to build a CRM from the ground up, making all of the “core CRM” easy to use, and bulletproof. They believe this will make it functionally useful for small business from day one, and by adding “extensions”, a user can add-in the features they want, when they understand & need them, rather than paying for them all from day one.

Zero BS CRM aims to be the most simple and functional CRM around, and it’s starting with the self-hosted WordPress platform. Here are the main advantages:

-Self-hosted, so you don’t need to rely on other companies
-It’s free! (With bargain extensions, if you want them)
-Regularly updated with new features
-Works out-of-the-box with any WordPress installation


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s basically a software or platform that allows you to manage all the interactions with your customers from a single place. For instance, Zero BS CRM will allow you to:

-Manage Customers, Quotes, Invoices and Transactions
-Easy to add Tags, custom fields and other data to customers
-Works with our ecommerce setups: PayPal and WooCommerce
-4 minute install. Install WordPress, ZBS and then you’re ready!
-Optional sections such as “Needs a Quote” (great for local business)
-Optionally disable front end / WordPress takeover (so users can’t tell it’s -WordPress)
-Add Files to Customers, Quotes, or Invoices
-Add an image to each customer
-Works great on mobile devices

zero bs crm

As you will notice quite fast, using Zero BS CRM is much easier than using traditional CRM software, which are usually bloated with useless features and interfaces. Despite the simplicity, if you need any help you can check their documentation page.

If you need extra features, like a CSV Importer or integration with WooCommerce, you can buy extensions created specifically for your needs. The core of ZBS CRM is completely free though. In fact their Pricing page is quite funny:


Give it a try. I am sure you will like it!

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