Keyword Research: Best Practice You Never Used

Business owners, if you’re making money online sure as fate you know how crucial competitor research is. Beating your competitors while ranking higher for the right keywords is what you want.

When we’re doing keyword research we take data from analyzing SERP’s top sites from our niche. This ensures we’re targeting the right keywords.

Simple. But only in theory. In reality, even if giants like Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia aren’t your competitors, they almost certainly will rank higher for “your” keywords because of the enormous sizes of their keyword pools.

Here’s one top technique how even a small business can take on giants.

Page Vs. Page Keyword Analysis

Some tools can perform back to back comparison of domains. This can be used to see which keywords competing sites have in common. But what if there’ a smarter way benefiting from your competitors that requires considerably less time?

If you focus on pushing your single pages to the top, you’ll see great results far quicker than putting tremendous efforts in general site’s promotion.

Getting a list of keywords a single page has is not a new thing, but identifying competing pages for your target page is something we’ve never seen before. Why? Because there simply hasn’t been a tool for that.

Serpstat’s Page vs. Page analysis is a new feature that allows you to define which pages from the top of search are ranked for your targeted keywords but what’s really great about it is that you don’t even have to open the pages to analyze their keywords and get the most out of them; Serpstat does that for you by matching keywords from your page with keywords from pages that you’re competing with and gives you a list of missing keywords.


Missing keywords are a goldmine for those who want to expand their keyword pools, it’s a list of keywords that you don’t use, but your competitors use on pages similar to yours.

Because websites are getting bigger and SERPs are getting more competitive, it’s about time we started treating pages like websites. If you want to promote a page, you have to analyze that page as well as the pages it’s competing with.

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