The Ultimate List of Feminine WordPress Themes


The new age successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs are mostly women. Women entrepreneurs and female bloggers from across the globe are no longer new to the internet and a lot of the most successful web presences are highly attributed to the hard work, passion, and skills of women. That is why you will see the web rife with too many feminine themed blogs or websites. This raises the ultimate question of how you can add some feminine ‘vibe’ to your business, fashion, food, or other online website.

Simple. The answer is to look for the best feminine wordpress themes online. There are a lot of feminine wordpress themes you can find online, each affording options that offer more power and functionality, while at the same time allowing your target audience to feel that whole feminine ‘vibe.’ This is exactly the main reason why we have put together this ultimate list of feminine wordpress themes for you. Continue reading below and check each one out.

Even though wordpress was not the first ever blogging site established, it was able to penetrate the market and soon enough became one of the best sites in just a short period of time. Over time, wordpress became synonymous with the term ‘blogging.’ WordPress became the leading choice by many serious bloggers all over the globe. Moreover, it was able to syndicate its blogging script for other websites and other web server companies to utilize for their many online endeavors. In just a few years, it has evolved to become one of the most downloaded blogging platforms worldwide.

As if this writing, over 100,000 new wordpress blogs are created and launched every 24 hours. WordPress platform manages over 70% of the leading content management systems around. In contrast, Drupal has only a 20% share of the content management systems market, while Joomla holds approximately 6% of the market. Presently, there are over 18 million and counting websites on the web that are powered by wordpress.

One main reason why wordpress is the well-loved CMS to date is its ease of use, and customization features. Even a non-techie web user can easily set and configure it with the help of themes and plugins available online. In 2015 alone, there were roughly 120 million themes downloaded from online. An avid wordpress user knows for a fact that themes are the backbone of any wordpress site. The use of these themes makes each wordpress blog distinct and unique in its own way. Everything surrounding
the look and feel of any website may be altered and modified to match one’s preference with the help of plugins and themes. Most of these themes are offered at absolutely no cost to you. You can however look for a premium theme, but, these often have limited features, hence the reason for the free distribution.

Some Considerations When Choosing The Best Feminine WordPress Themes:

Before we delve deeper into the essence of choosing the best possible feminine wordpress themes for your website, let us first take a good look at what wordpress really is, and likewise check into some amazing facts about this wonderful platform.

Basically, wordpress is a 100% free CMS platform that enables anyone to come up with their very own blog and conveniently manage them through its intuitive and innovative dashboard panel. It is a combination CMS and an open source blogging software that operates through a web hosting server. Here are some interesting facts to note about the wordpress platform:

• Approximately 25% of the websites around the world are managed by wordpress
• There are over 70 million websites that are presently powered by wordpress
• WordPress is the world’s most loved and popular blogging system
• It is currently used by more than 20% of the world’s top 1,000,000 internet sites all across the globe.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Feminine WordPress Themes:

Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of a website theme is not basically to allow a website to look grand and flashy. A theme extends beyond that notion. Themes are meant to enhance the look and feel of a website, however it does not all stop there. Your main priority when selecting a feminine wordpress theme is to look for one which will have the most impact to your visitors and give them a lasting good impression bout you and your blog. That alone, will let your visitors know what your blogs is all about, and why it matters.

One good example is, if your website is meant for women’s fashion, you will not want a theme that suggests your website has nothing to do with anything fashionable, instead you would definitely want to choose one that screams otherwise. For all intents and purposes get a feminine wordpress themes. One that truly and clearly demonstrates what is the nature of your website.

Furthermore, you have to make sure that the feminine wordpress themes that you finally choose will flow effortlessly all throughout your website. Simply put, you do not want different web pages clashing with each other or any one of them. They must all flow together and be one – consistent.

The Ultimate List of Feminine WordPress Themes:

Without further ado, we are bringing you the ultimate must-have list of feminine wordpress themes that you should use for your feminine blogs today. Here are a few:

MH Magazine Feminine Theme

This feminine wordpress theme is magazine-type and comes in various shades and tones of pinks that you can try. You can however try other color combi If you are not fond of pinks. But, this is a good theme celebrating beauty and our femininity. This is the perfect theme for those who have fashion, beauty, cosmetics, or lifestyle themed blogs. Anything that covers female topics, the MH Magazine feminine wordpress theme is the best pick for you. The theme is 100% responsive and works on various devices.

Download | Demo

Dorothy WP Theme

We like this particular theme for any female-centric blogs, regardless of whether they are for lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, etc. It works well with crafting photos and the theme comes with built in high res images which makes it more appealing. The whole theme is very responsive and comes with highly customizable colors and it is so beautiful you can use it on other blogs for your branding. You can add some logo and or background image to add some personalized touch to the whole theme.

Download| Demo

The Beautiful

This theme lives up to its name. It is a beautifully crafted feminine wordpress theme from StudioPress. It is made of Genesis, and so it is one of the most customizable feminine wordpress theme you can come across with. The beautiful wordpress theme has a distinct feminine touch to it. The theme comes with a really elegant and clean white background, crisp red fonts and some cute images of women and flowers. Easily integrate your social media accounts with its stylish buttons and monetize thru the ad space at the sidebar.

Download | Demo

The Gleam

The Gleam feminine wordpress theme looks great for any fashion or photography portfolio site and it comes with easy to use navigational tools and not too many design that gets people distracted very easily. It comes with a full-screen gallery that offers a great place to show off your fashionable photos and creation. It is 100% responsive, fast, and very fluid. One standout attribute is the background image that you can customize from your dashboard. Get to upload various photos for every single web page of your blog today with Gleam.

Download | Demo

The Fashion Blog Theme

This is one hot fashion blog theme is this one from the popular Nimbus themes library offering you various feminine touch to your website. You will see the amazing contrast between whites and pinks which compliments high resolution images, making it a great feminine wordpress theme you can use for your feminine blog.

Download| Demo

Nimbus Street Style

With the increasing demand for feminine wordpress themes, this amazing theme was given birth to. The theme comes with very clean lines, colorful hues, and chiefly a white background for a fresh yet elegant look for your feminine blog. To begin with, this theme has several social media integration options so visitors can easily share their content among friends and loved ones on Twitter or Facebook. Discover your flair for creativity as you easily customize this theme with the help of its custom CSS attributes that you can use depending on the theme look and feel that you like.

Download| Demo

The Girly Theme

No words needed, the theme says it all! You will gauge from the pink hues, lace edges, and roses, all of them provides for a theme that simply shouts femininity. The responsive setup works well on any handhelds, and you may use the theme for anything from portfolio work, or pure blogging. You can easily scroll through your content with its pretty slider and the support is just superb. You can get 24/7 support from WooCommerce.

| Demo

The Tilala

The Tilala theme is best made for women bloggers. However, it does not go overboard with design or super bright colors. With Tilala is a theme with minimalist look, thanks to the white backhround and spacious page. It’s navigational menu is super friendly and the header screams femininity. It comes with very elegant design and cute icons. The theme offers cute social media icons for integrating with social media, and the responsive design is very ideal for those who want a responsive platform.

Download | Demo

Isabelle Girly WP Themes

Rejoice if you are a female blogger! This feminine wordpress theme sports a light pink hue and a minimalist background making it very pleasant and elegant. The wordpress theme comes with social media icons that come in pink shades and the header logo makes it a very good theme for feminine blogs.

Download| Demo

Marilyn WP Theme

A theme named ‘Marilyn,’ surely is feminine theme that’s best for women bloggers out there. It’s simple and very easy to use, perfect for fashion, design, and cosmetics blog. The Marilyn theme comes with a slider that reveals photos about your blog and it comes with a nicely built newsletter form for your readers and it is 100% responsive too.

Download| Demo

Amalie Theme

If you want to show off your content in a unique way, use the Amalie theme. It has a nice header image with a CTA (Call To Action) text that ushers visitors to more valuable reads. This theme is meant for female bloggers and is made around the Twenty Fifteen theme. The designer made it feminine with its cute hues and photos.

Download| Demo

The Kelly

Kelly is a feminine wordpress theme, it is simple and responsive. It is ideal for those who want a simple yet feminine blog. It is great for party or craft blogs. If you can see the demo of this theme, a lot of the colors are yellow and pink; however you can customize the shades to make them fit your specific brand. It has a responsive layout that looks perfect on smartphones, tablets, etc. The logo area works well with the background. Its custom menu enables you to switch pages or links and the social media icons are customizable too.

Download | Demo

Olivie Girly Theme

Olivie wordpress theme is beautiful and elegant and it helps you create your fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog easily. The theme is responsive and guaranteed to work on all devices, plus it is highly color customizable in case you want to make it a lot less girly. Add your own custom logo for your own branding, and you can make modifications on the menu to help people around your website. One great feature about this olivie theme is that it comes fully packed with social media icons that help a lot of users who are fond of using social media networks.

Download| Demo

Jacqueline WP Theme

One popular feminine wordpress theme is the Jacqueline theme. It is ideal for those who are serious business bloggers. Nevertheless it has all the feminine elements that reveal to your audience that you have a feminine side. It’s a great theme with a big logo area, a newletter form for signup, and lots of white space for easy reading. It is fluid and responsive, works on any device. The color scheme is highly customizable and does not compromise your site and branding. Add in some header design to personalize and some background photos easily. You can also add a sticky menu on top of the site so everyone is led where to go next.

Download| Demo

The Modern Blogger Pro Theme

It runs on the Genesis platform and is a 100% all femme themes. Modern Blogger Pro wordpress theme makes any website stand out from the rest of the pack. Thanks to its cute polka dot header and pink shades. It’s made especially for female bloggers; however you can transform this theme into any type of website. The layout options allow you to have some personality in your design, and the custom background meshes well for branding your website. Modify around the custom header, and make use of the featured images to allow visitors to click through blog posts.

Download| Demo


Those who love feminine themes will surely delight in the Carraway theme. It is all femme, responsive and very fluid. You can also customize colors. All you ever need in one place, get this feminine wordpress themes now.

Download| Demo

The Meadowbrook

If you love photography and yet wanted to remain the feminine vibe and personality of your blog, then this feminine wordpress theme is ideal for you. The Meadowbrook is a chic and feminine theme that is best for women entrepreneurs and bloggers. Customize your website with its settings, custom colors, you can also add some custom fonts, and more. The theme enables you to customize the design of the site and you can even see the changes in real time. Now, customizing your wordpress site has never been so easy.

Download| Demo

Chickaboom WP Theme

Chikaboom is hip and cool feminine wordpress theme. It is a standout from among the girly wordpress themes out there. The design is flexible, straightforward, and screams feminininity all the way. It is loaded with amazing customization options and is very easy to use. Select from the display and enjoy. This theme enables you to customize design of your blog.

Download| Demo

Mary Kate WP Theme

Mary Kate feminine wordpress theme shows off the dainty and delicate side of women. If your blog is all about anything ‘girly’ this theme is perfect for your blog.

Download| Demo

The Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp is the latest girly wordpress theme from Angie Makes. It offers a light and feminine look that is loaded with the greatest customization features and is very easy to use. At the backend you will see amazing controls, colors, and the ability to configure your whole website, shortcodes, sidebars, and more.

Download| Demo

The DeVoe

DeVoe is the best solution for your fashion or entertainment blog. It is easy to configure, fluid, and responsive. View DeVoe efficiently in whatever device – smartphone or tablet, it works fine!

Download| Demo

Zorka WP Theme

Zorka is best for the fashionable. This theme from Woo Commerce exudes chic, cool, and fashionable theme that is perfect for a fashion-inspired or lifestyle blog. Feminine does not always have to be pink!

Download| Demo

So, there you have it. Take your pick and get started blogging. Girl power rules!

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