Digital Big Brother with Unblinking Eyes Haunt Workplaces

Your phone calls, emails, SMS, web activity, social networking profiles, and other computer activity might be getting spied on. However, the perpetrator may not be the government, a hacker, or your ex. It may be your employer. Yes, you read that right. Your employer is very much in their right to keep tabs on your activity and there’s nothing you can do about it. After you leave the workplace, the computers or laptops stay in the office and they can be checked without requiring any permission. More often than not, it is your web activity that’s being monitored, mainly to check if you’ve been visiting websites related to gaming, porn, social networking, and videos. They basically want to know how much of your time was spent on doing non-work related stuff. Over the years, more and more employers have begun keeping a check on their employees’ use of computers, cell phones, and the internet. In fact, it was recently reported that more than 66 percent of the employers around the world keep check on their employees’ digital activities.

How Employee Monitoring Tools Work

Well, most of the employers just check your history after you’ve left the workplace, which is a cost-effective and convenient method. However, some employers seek help from monitoring solutions like Mobistealth. Software like this allows employers to see all kinds of activity being done on your workplace computer. They can view the sites you’re visiting, people you’re talking, emails you’re sending or receiving, and much more. Monitoring tools create a report containing information about all your actions on the workplace computer, and then this report is made available to the employer, giving them an idea of what their employers are up to in the workplace.

What You Can Do About It

Nothing, absolutely nothing. As long as the ownership of computers belongs with the employers, there’s nothing you can do about it. Legally, it’s their devices, so they are free to install anything they want on it. Although they’re required by log to tell their employees about the presence of employee monitoring tools on official devices, only few employers comply to this law, whereas most of them believe that the best way to single out the bad apples is by carrying out the monitoring discreetly. Employers think that the performance of their company is being affected due to some employees that slack off during work hours. And to single out these particular individuals, they seek help from monitoring solutions.
The always watching eyes of employers can create a haunting feeling at work, but if you look at it from their perspective, you’ll realize that they are doing the right thing. Only thing an employer really wants is success for their business, and productivity and loyalty from their company, and when things are not going as planned, they obviously get enraged and resort to seeking help from a monitoring solution.

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