Check Out the LeadsGate Affiliate Program

As I wrote in the past, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable monetization methods you can use on a website. That is because you’ll actually be selling something (i.e., the products and services of the programs you join) instead of just displaying advertising.

One of the key aspects of making money with affiliate marketing, however, is choosing the right affiliate programs. There are many that only pay pennies per sale, and you probably won’t make any significant income with those.

You probably already heard about affiliate programs offering web hosting, digital products and so on. What you might not have heard is about promoting loans via affiliate marketing. is an affiliate program that will allow you to do exactly that. Loans represent a huge industry, so there is a lot of earnings potential here.

The platform operates as an auction-bases system. The lead is put at the highest possible price, and the price is lowered gradually until one of the buyers is ready to complete the deal.

A cool thing about the program is that you get life time commissions. Whenever you refer a client, you will keep earnings commissions on all the future applications of that client.

The payments threshold is $100, and once you reach that you can get paid via PayPal, Wire Transfer, EPESE, ePayments and Webmoney. The leads need to be US based, but you can be located anywhere in the world.

If you have a website that is related to finance, joining this program could be very profitable for you, so check it out.

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