New Adwords Changes For 2016

A lot of the information in this article was taken from a live hangout called “Ads and Analytics For a Mobile First World”.  This was a live session put on by AdWords that was jam packed with lot’s of solid information on the up coming changes to the AdWords platform.

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Biggest News

  •  Ability to bid-adjust on Tablet and Desktop

For years I have been yelling at AdWords to have bid-adjust for Tablet.  I’d always get told stupid things like Tablet is just as good as Desktop.  Clearly it can be for some but in 90% of all cases it does not and having the ability to exclude this off the bat is just fantastic.

  • AdWords Display Will Have Native Ads

Bingads has native, Gemini has native, Taboola and Outbrain are all native.  Facebook has native.  Now Google will jump on board and this should hopefully be a really good thing for most companies.

  • Expanded Text Ads for Mobile

currently the headline character limit is 25 and two 35 character description lines.  The new format will be two 30 character headlines and one consolidated 80 character description line.

  • Local Extensions For Mobile

Specific extensions will show on search and select partner websites like Google Maps.  This will include your store front location and distance from the user as well as a discount extension.  If you have used Google Shopping you are already familiar with the discount extension for shopping ads.

Promoted Pins was also mentioned for Google Maps.  An example of this in use might be if you where driving from home to a vacation spot 3 hours away.  Along the route you might encounter promoted pins for food or shopping.  Combined with interest based marketing and affinity groups I can see this being a solid win for many customers out there.

  • Similar Audiences For Search

Currently you can re-market to those who have visited your website on both GDN and on Search.  Now or I should say soon… you will be able to market to people who are similar to your current search/display remarketing lists.

  • Demographic Targeting on Search

I might of cried a little when I heard this announcement.  It’s one of those things a Digital Marketing Geek always dreams about but it’s just always out of reach. The ability to do demographic targeting on search with keywords is really exciting and will make AdWords much more competitive inline with what Facebook currently offers.

There are probably a lot of things I missed on the live announcement but I’ll be sure to keep updating as more information hits the web.



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