4 Tips to Become More Productive

If you want to be successful, be it in your personal or professional life, you need to be productive. Imagine being able to work 2 or 3 more hours every day, or being able to go to the gym 2 more times every week, or being able to read 2 more books every month. You get the idea.

For those looking for a boost in their productivity, here are 4 tips that will certainly help you.

1. Improve Your Health

You won’t be as productive as you can unless you take care of your health. This involves sleeping enough hours every day, eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercises regularly and so on. Getting healthy and in shape should always be your top priority, because this will affect all areas of your life. If you want some more health tips, check out WellnessNova.com. There you’ll find several articles about nutrition, supplements, natural remedies and therapies and so on.

2. Tame Your Email Inbox

Email is the vilain of everyone’s productivity these days. Unless you learn to deal with it, you will probably spend most of your days answering emails. The first thing you should do is to process your email in batch. That is, choose 3 or 4 times every day to open your inbox, and on those occasions go through all your email until your clear your inbox. This batch processing will drastically reduce the time you spend responding each email. Another rule you could follow is to only reply to emails that indeed require an answer. Finally, make sure to use Google’s Gmail as your email hub. It has many productivity features that will make your life easier.

3. Don’t keep things on your head

If you haven’t read Getting Things Done yet, do it! It’s a must read book for anyone who wants to become more productive. One of the main rules of the system described in the book is to never keep things on your head. This will drain your energy and probably lead to missed calls, meetings, deadlines and so on. Instead write down everything, be it on paper, on your smartphone or computer. When your write things down you free space and energy to focus on stuff that matters.

4. Plan ahead

One of the habits of most successful and productive people is to always plan ahead. For instance, always take some time on the weekend to plan for the week ahead. This will help you to highlight the tasks that you need to complete, to evaluate the priority of each of them, to remember important deadlines and so on.

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