5 Must-Have Ingredients for Any Online Marketing Strategy In 2016

If you are new to internet marketing, you may not know where to begin. It may sound complicated, but all you require is to have your strategy in check. You need to know the crucial ingredients for a successful marketing strategy. Remember it is s new terrain which you are not used to. Also, if you only have an online marketing campaign which is poorly performing, then you might be doing everything all wrong. A good strategy will have all the ingredients and track the progress of each when you launch the campaign. It is essential to know how to incorporate all those strategies into your aim to achieve the desired objective for your business.

Statistics show that small businesses will spend more than 15% to pay their SEO team as compared to large businesses, which brings the point of what you need for your small business. An effective marketing strategy will thus have to be cost effective especially for internet marketing. A successful marketer will try to find a gap in the market before they can set up a cutting edge strategy to fill that gap. This is how they achieve the objective of luring customers from their competitors. There are a couple of ingredients which are a must have if you want to be a successful online marketer.

Search engine option

There are numerous SEO strategies that will focus on different search engines. You have to optimize your content or business to a search engine that provides results. When it comes to Google search engine, it is the biggest concerning the searches conducted by people online. You have to build your SEO strategy around this search engine. Although other major search engines like Bing are proving to be reliable in the market, you cannot afford to sideline Google when developing an online marketing strategy. Google should thus be your priority search engine where you build your marketing campaign around. This is the case if you want to build a large customer base and increase traffic to your site.

Social media

It is the desire of every marketer to find marketing resources pooled together. It is what social media has to offer. With more than 400 million subscribers on Instagram only, you can do a lot with such a number. However, you need to single out your target market as not all will be buying what you are selling. You have to set your social media marketing strategy in a way that your target audience will find your message. Facebook can prove to be the most reliable depending on what you are selling. It is the best regarding the number of subscribers as it commands about 1.5 billion users.

Keyword research

Google analytics will help you discover what is trending regarding keyword research. You have to know the keywords to optimize, and this is achieved by researching on the keywords that your target audience is researching on major search engines. Let’s say; you have selected Google as the search engine to build your SEO strategy around. You can research the keywords that your target audience is using on search engines at the moment. After you have the highly searched keywords depending, you can optimize those keywords to increase traffic to your site. It makes it easy for your site to rank at the top on search engines like Google.

Quality of content

Scrapped or unoriginal content will choke your SEO efforts. The latest updates and SEO rules on Google will require that you have quality and relevant content. Original content will improve your SEO while relevance will impress your readers. You have to give interesting and up to date content if you want to engage your readers in a positive way. The best marketers will look for content that is relevant depending on your business and also maintains a proper SEO strategy. In short you have to optimize for both the search engines and also the readers. This is how you achieve quality. The number of views will help improve the online presence of your site and increase sales on the same. Social media marketing gives your business the needed attention to your target audience on social media.


They are aimed at improving traffic on your site. You can link your site to high traffic sites like news sites to increase the number of visitors. Backlinks work well when you have quality content. If you desire to improve your SEO, then you need to develop a site that gives your readers relevant and quality content. All these ingredients will help you launch your online marketing strategy.

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