Stream Of Social Shares Followed by Email Leads, Here is How I Do it

Ranking higher in search engine results and building up a targeted email subscribers list, who doesn’t like it. The problem is, things aren’t as simple as they are told to be. Methods of doing these things can be found on Guru Internet Marketer blogs but they become so common that they lose their effectiveness.

In such cases, adding your own twists to these methods can get you awesome results. What you are going to read here is also not very simple but when done correctly, gets awesome results. I saw a sudden surge of social shares on my blog posts that I did this experiment on. Four of my posts were shared 43, 71, 64 and 80 times in a few hours after following these exact steps.

I know these are nothing when compared with those who get thousands of shares. But, they are super famous people with a very huge follower base. I am a starter, a newbie who can only spend a few hours on his blog each week. I am somebody who started with zero investment.

And when it comes to convincing people to subscribe to your list, this methods rocks. I saw a conversion rate of 20+ percent.

In this post I will tell you my exact strategy of building up social signals to a post and then start gathering email subscribers from it. First let’s have a look at what all is required to make this happen.

Tools required
1. A very lucrative and relevant freebie that your target audience craves
2. Social share locker plugin
3. Email content locker plugin
4. Email marketing service subscription
5. Access to targeted groups on social networks and relevant forums

I know some people don’t like the very concept of locking downloads but this is how things work in Internet Marketing. They give you their email addresses; you give them something they really want.

Step 1: Choosing The Freebie

Choosing the right freebie to giveaway is very important. It must be something that your audience really craves for. It should be a problem solver for them. You cannot rehash something that is already available on the internet and expect people to sign up for that. Your freebie should be unique and something that can’t easily be found.

I blog mostly about internet marketing and SEO. I came up with a few very lucrative freebies that my target audience really craves for. In the SEO audience there are people who use many black hat SEO tools to rank their sites. GSA SER is one of those tools.

The tool requires you to have a very good and huge list of websites where it can submit your backlinks. Scraping huge lists of websites that also have good metrics is another technical and tedious task. Most GSA SER owners are not good at it.

I paid somebody to scrape me such a list and I offered it as freebie on my blog. Guess what? People loved it and were ready to share my post and subscribe in order to get the download.

Step 2: Posting On Your Blog

Post your giveaway with a very catchy title. What is in the freebie should be clearly explained in the title. Sense of urgency needs to be created.

Write some lines and paragraphs but preferably keep it short. Our aim is to take them to the download as soon as possible.

Create a download button or link for the downloadable file and lock it behind a social locker. Social locker is basically a plugin that locks the content behind itself and one has to share the website on social networks to unlock the download.

You can search on google to find many free and paid ones but I use Bizpanda. Bizpanda has both social and email locker features and is very easy to use.

Clearly explain that they have to unlock the download by sharing it using social media sites available on the locker.

Step 3: Getting some initial traffic

Find social media groups and pages relevant to your freebie and submit your blog post link to all of them. Comment on relevant blog posts and question answer sites. Also exploit forums and post there wisely.

If people love what you have to offer, they will surely come and share your post to get the download.

This will result in more social shares and subsequently more traffic. Social signals will increase referral traffic from social media sites as well as give some positive SERP push. Due to my keyword being easy to rank, I hit first page with so many social shares coming from real people.

Once you start getting traffic you will notice numbers increasing in share counters after a few hours.

Step 4: Capturing Leads

Getting social shares is good. But we want laser targeted leads too. Once you get some decent amount of shares, replace your social locker with email locker. The traffic is already pouring in from all the social shares.

Now people will have to subscribe to your list to get the download. And they will surely do. Once you feel the traffic is dying, post in social media groups and pages again.

The Next Time You Repeat The Process

I got really good results from my first attempt. After sometime I decided to come up with a new freebie and do it all over again. Guess what? This time step 3 was even easier for me. I already had list of laser targeted subscribers to send the offer. After going through step 2 I emailed my subscribers about the freebie I was offering. They came running after it and my post saw 40+ social shares in a few hours.

Click through rate in most of these emails was well above 4% mark. In one of my email campaigns the click rate was a whopping 7.2%. This number is well above the industry average.

The more you do it, the better you get at it. But the key point here is “How good your freebie is”. Believe me, people who own GSA SER love New and Fresh Links Lists. I found the weakness of my audience and I am exploiting it. Hope you do it too.

About the author: Nabeel Shamshad is a blog scientist and writes about SEO, Internet Marketing, Blogging, online money making ideas and many other things related to the Internet. He is dedicated to showing others what he learns and experiments in his blogging life. To know more about what he is up to, please visit his blog:

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