3 Reasons Why Businesses Aren’t Getting Results on Social Media

Anyone who’s run a business in the last 10 years has incessantly heard about the value of social media. Whether B2B or B2C, these social media channels have tangled the proverbial fruit of additional revenue and success in front of many business owners. Yet only about 15% of businesses have quantitative data to show success on social media. So why aren’t these businesses seeing the results they have heard so much about?

1. Look past the hype.

Social media success is often like winning the lottery. You hear all about it but the odds are rarely in your favor. Well, that’s to say that often times people also have expectations that are not realistic. Social media is like any marketing channel and tactic. It needs to be realistically looked at in terms of the results than can be generated. If you think that you can create a Twitter profile or Facebook page and wake up the next morning with a million followers and likes, you’re setting yourself up for a rude awakening. Select only the social platforms that reach the most of your demographic and can be successfully maintained constantly by your team. Don’t spread yourself out too thin and rather than doing “OK” on all the social media platforms, do really well on just one or two.

2. Content is still king.

Often times, businesses will think that simply participating in some fashion on social media will generate results. The reality is that the channels themselves are just vehicles and businesses must create engaging and valuable content to generate any real results. Really successful businesses generate content that does two things: A) provides useful information to a specific demographic and B) is in a format that is easily digestible and often times very shareable. Visual content, such as videos, photos, and infographics, is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. Being able to create useful content consistently is key for businesses who want to generate real results. Many businesses create a content calendar to map out and track their content creation on a month-to-month basis. This is a very useful tool for long term planning.

3. Reuse, reuse, and reuse.

I can’t tell you how many businesses have noted that they create a blog post, tweet it out and wonder why the website visits aren’t rolling in. In a world of seven-second attention spans, you’re going to have to post the same pieces of content multiple times to get people’s attention. Think about how people use social media channels these days. They aren’t going to your profile page and scrolling through all your wonderful content to see what you’re all about. They are taking a few minutes out of their day to scroll through their own news streams to see what’s happening. Often times, your content won’t be in the window of time they are scrolling.

That’s why it’s so important to post the same content multiple times. On Twitter, you could post the same blog title three times in one day: 9 am, 1 pm and 4 pm. Very few people are going to see even two of these posts, but by posting multiple times, you greatly increase the chances of gaining clicks to your content. However, each platform does have its own unique characteristics and should be posted to by their best practices. You would never want to post the same content to Facebook three times day, but you could post it two times in the same week. You can also use software to help in the scheduling of these posts, to ease the burden on your business’ internal resources when trying to post multiple times a day.

Eleonora Israele is an Analyst at Clutch. Prior to joining Clutch, Eleonora was a foreign language tutor and a researcher for a D.C. real estate firm. Originally from Argentina, Eleonora grew up in Bethesda, MD. She graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Economics and Linguistics. She enjoys spending her free time running, traveling, crocheting and rooting on FC Barcelona.

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