The Retargeting Techniques That Everybody Should Be Aware Of

One of the most successful websites in the field of online marketing had once used this technique, it doesn’t matter how much they have been through to achieve such success, what really matters is that they have managed to reach their goals.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of digital marketing where companies serve ads to people who have already visited their websites. This definition confuses a lot of marketers but to simplify it, let’s think about it in a different way.

Imagine you are a marketing manager of an electronics store. Someone comes in, walks around the shop, stares at one computer, reads all the information related to it and leaves the store without buying it. While observing his journey in your store, you started wondering how to get this person back into your store, present him with all the features of this computer, remind him of its benefits to finally close the deal. You’re thinking that if you could go after him, and have another chance at presenting this computer, you would totally do. He might end up purchasing it, or not. But at least, you’ve tried!

Let’s mirror this in your online store now. But instead of going after this prospect in the streets, you go after him online when he’s visiting other sites. If the targeting is done correctly, you can show him the same computer he was looking at on your products page.

Your goal is to market your product and sell it. So Let’s think of this way, someone comes to ask about a product but leaves without buying, the best way to convince him to purchase the item would be to send someone behind him who can remind him if not convince him of the products and its benefits and that it is the best bargain he could afford in the market. But of course you won’t do that in real life, it would be creepy, awkward and most importantly, it will make the consumer anxious enough to get rid of you and it also illegal to stalk someone like that. But however weird that may sound, it can be done online, and it’s not at all illegal, the technique is known as Retargeting or Remarketing

The reasons why remarketing is preferable are basically the efficiency and low cost of impressions, the accurate targeting of people, improves the return on investment, the branding’s cost becomes effective and eventually deliver better conversion rates. This is one of the reason people are engaging into the online marketing world instead of the actual one. It is not as hard as it seems, it basically takes a little bit of time to be accommodated.

When you master the skills of retargeting it will become easier for you to build a fast growing company that will make the outcome more quantitative than what you have expected. With the help of various platforms on the internet, you can really step it up and manage to find the right targets. One of the most useful platforms are the ones that keep an eye on the visitors, know their interests, calculate their behaviors and all this can be done by simply leaving a cookie in their browser and as a result, displaying for them various ads that convey exactly what products they are interested in.

Perfect Audience

The Perfect Audience provides a small manual that informs the user on how to properly use the website in order to make the most out of it.

The people at Perfect Audience make sure that you never go weary of retargeting people, they do the job and thus provide a very simple service for people who have the need to keep their retargeting strategy on a certain level. A script is handed to the owner to be included in his or her website’s body and after that, a list should be created of the types of visitors that must be retargeted, a campaign should be outlined in order to target specific parts of the the targeting list you have already created and when all this is down, the ads will start appearing in every slot of a website the target visits.

Social media, and especially Facebook that has an immense database of users, will contribute in making the come back to your website, how is that you may ask? The answer is very simple. When the code that you had implemented in your website functions, the customers who closed the page and went to browse Facebook, will encounter an ad from your website and with a slight chance will persuade him to go back and check out. Perfect Audience can target people on Facebook through standard ads that appear at the side or an ad that can be displayed in the user’s news feed


This is a new website in the field of retargeting, it basically based itself on the other website that already existed and managed to combine all the good things they offer in addition to the new thing they offer, that is it quickly managed to become of the most used websites that offer this service. There are plenty of services Retargeter offers, starting from Facebook exchange to search retargeting, the website cookies ads just by simply a click, in other words, if a consumer click an ad it will directly go to his cookies which will make it, alongside with other ads, appears in every other website and free ad slot. The main targets this website aims to achieve is to integrate its ads into websites with over 30 thousands new visitors every week, the option with which you can create ads vary from geographic, income or the interests of the consumers.

Retargeter allows you to control the number of ads you want to be displayed every month, this way you will be able to control your financial position as well, the prices they offer per month can be a little bit expensive but they offer the best service in the market to the time of writing these lines.


The last platform is perhaps is the most used in the most known. Adroll was first made appearance in 2007 and since then it managed to introduce the advertising world with a new marketing technique and especially retargeting. The adopt both strategies that are based on content and behavior, in other words, they offer ads based on the interests of the consumer and his behavior and thanks to this their customer service in the best out there. As far as payments are concerned, there are many levels you than you can use, the starter package allows you to spend whatever you like, and the other two levels, premium and plus are each set with a specific amount of money on monthly basis.

But what distinguish them the most among their competitors? The answer is the team and the experience they have in the field of retargeting, not only this, their dashboard offerings are also a factor that makes people choose them. Their platform offers the users plenty of option that they can use in order to control their ads and websites


By the end of reading this article you will be familiar with the term of targeting, also known as remarketing, and have fully grasp the basis of it. You will also be informed of the platforms the deliver the best options and easy access to your content. Aside from the platforms we have mentioned there are a lot of other option, Chango, Triggit, Google and Fetchback are also ones of top platforms you can use if you don’t think one of the ones mentioned above doesn’t go along with your financial position of your desirable settings.

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