New Google Ads Search Layout

Google recently performed a new layout change.  This change has removed normal text ads from the right side bar.

There are now also 4 ads directly in the the search results column instead of the normal 3.

At the bottom of the search results you will now find 3 text ads instead of 2.

The right column is now reserved for merchant/shopping feed ads in a 2×4 layout spanning 500px by 500px.

What Do These Changes Mean For Me

If you are a service based advertiser without a merchant feed then this actually means very little in most cases.  I know some will 100% disagree but in the below video I think I make a solid case as to why this does not really matter as much as some people think.

The main point I made in the video is that the right search ads get anywhere from 15% to 7% of the Clicks where the top 3 ads get 85%+ of the clicks.  If you ad used to be in the number 4-8 spot then the CTR of that ad would be poor which in turn leads to a poor Quality score which then penalizes the ad and actually costs you more then the ad should cost.

For anyone in the service industry I see very little downside.

If you are a retailer that is selling products through the shopping feed then I fully expect you to see a boost in clicks with the new layout and hopefully more sales.

I’m interested to hear anyone’s experience so far with the new layout and if it has helped them or tanked their campaign.

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