Don’t have a terms of service or privacy policy yet? Check out this tool!

As you probably know it’s very important to have essential legal policies available on your website. This includes privacy policy, terms of service and a refund policy in case you sell any products or offer services online.

This is so important that some advertising networks, like Google AdSense, will require its publishers to have an easily accessible privacy policy, or else their accounts will get suspended.

It might sound complicated, so how do you go about getting one? Hiring a lawyer is the first option you probably think of, but it’s quite expensive to hire one especially if you’re just starting out or have a website that doesn’t bring you any money yet.

Is there an alternative? Yes. I recently came across and found it to be a pretty interesting and more importantly useful tool. In short they help you create all necessary essential legal policies such as:

1. Privacy policy
2. Terms of service policy
3. Refund policy

Here’s how it works: Once you choose the policy you need, you’ll go through a very simple questionnaire where you provide some details about your website and how you operate it. It looks like this:


Once they have all the details about your website and/or business, they will automatically create a customized policy to reflect and cover all aspects of how you run your website. This is by far the best feature of this tool – a custom tailored policy created specifically for you. Unlike generic templates you may find elsewhere this policy will cover all aspects of your website and business.

And here’s an SEO tip you might not be aware of: having privacy policy and terms of service not only increases the number of pages on your website, but also influences how Google sees it, and improves your rankings and authority!

Did I mention that the service is free for personal use? You can use it for your personal websites without having to pay anything! Policies for commercial websites require a small payment but you will receive a wide range of additional disclosures that cover a variety of commercial related aspects of your website. And of course it’s just a fraction of what a lawyer would charge you.

Quite a useful tool to have, so check it out.

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