Adwords Display Tabs Walk-Through

I’m a button pusher and if your creating and managing Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns you need to be one as well.

During consults it really does amaze me when I show people a few basic options inside GDN and they have zero clue.  If you don’t know you don’t know.  However after this guide covering what all the display tabs mean you will know and you won’t have an excuse anymore.

Adwords Display Tabs Walk-Through is part 7 of our Google Display Training Course found at  All our Adwords Courses can be found on  and our Adwords Search course can be found at

Below is a detailed video covering most of the tabs inside GDN.  It’s great to familiarize yourself with these tabs.

In the following part of our training I’m going to talk more in-depth about your targeting options and layering inside GDN which will be really cool so be sure and click through to the next guide.

Adwords Conversion Tracking Video

When viewing reports you should at the very least be inside a single Campaign.  In most cases I’m not just inside my single campaign but also inside a specific adgroup.  There are times when you need to evaluate metrics on both levels.  Under just the campaign for that birds eye view and inside your specific adgroup when you need to get more granular.

Display Network Tab

This is where you will spend most of your time when manually optimizing your display campaign.  You have several sub tabs inside Display Network

  • Summary
  • Display Keywords
  • Placements
  • Topics
  • Interests & Remarketing
  • Demographics


Summary Tab


Think of this a an easy way to quickly view information for your campaign without having to dive into any reports.  Here you can quickly view how your campaign is performing with top level numbers such as clicks, CPC, Conversions, CPA, CR and Cost.  There is also a nice green box on the top right that lets you know if there are any issues such as tracking or rejected ads.

Generally if you only have 15 seconds that day this is the tab you look under to quickly see if things are working.

Display Keywords Tab


This tab is just as you imagine.  It shows you the keywords inside your adgroup/campaign if you are using keywords.  It’s a great place to pop in and checkup on where you ad dollars are being spent.

Keep in mind that all keywords are broad keywords.  Generally speaking you will want to use 1 – 4 keyword combination.

Placements Tab


The placements tab shows you all the sites you ads are being shown on.  Even if you have no clicks the site will still show if impressions have been made.

You will notice that some sites may seem really irrelevant to your search keywords.  When this happens you can click the See Details button and Adwords will show you the exact webpage where your ad is being shown.  As there may be 1000’s of webpages it’s best to run a search for the website you are looking for to quick find the exact page your ad is shown on.

Topics Tab


The topics tag shows you the different topics you are bidding on.  Generally I will only have 1 topic per adgroup but there are clear cases to be made for combining multiple topics inside multiple adgroups.

Interests & Remarketing Tab


Demographics Tab



The demographics tab provides great insight into what types of people are clicking and converting.  Inside the Demographic tab you can drill down into three other tabs

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental Status



Gender shows just that.  Gender information.  Depending on the country you are targeting you may have more people identified as Male and female verses unknown genders.



Age is broken down into seven different groups.  This can be a very powerful way to cut some fat from a close to profitable campaign.  You may find that certain age segments just aren’t responsive enough to your product offerings and this can really help you out at times.

Parental Status


Parental Status is not available for all countries and in many cases Google has not identified who are parents and who are not parents.  Over the past year the data has gotten a lot better but it’s still far from perfect.

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