The Everyman Guide to Blogger Outreach And Its Impacts

In the world of ever changing trends and increasingly different viewpoints, the role of a social influencer is an important factor, especially for businesses and brands trying to keep up with the customers’ changing needs. Not surprisingly, out of every five fashionable businesses, at least two employ blogger outreach programs as part of their marketing strategy.

Let’s Begin with Blogger Outreach Programs

Google Analytics is an amazing algorithm which helps websites gain significant rankings, but the caveat is that it tends to demerit too promotional content and tends to push it down significantly. This might include SEO pages written with a view towards promoting a particular object or brand. On the other hand, when companies creatively use link building features and tie up with bloggers instead, they are guaranteed a 100% personalized content which – without sounding at all like its promoting them – can often give a very favorable result.

Why You Need to Get on Board

With the help of a blogger outreach program, you can do three main things: use bloggers influence, leverage their own content to reach out to real customer bases, and get non-promotional, quality SEO plugins. Take Sally from Sallysbakingaddiction, whose recipe for Pizza dough comes with a glowing recommendation for Red Star Yeast (and at the very end, a disclaimer that this review was sponsored by Red Star, even though she personally had been using it for a long time). Sally has an enormous fan following among the target group of bakers, and her endorsement can make thousands of women and women switch their brand of yeast to match their favorite recipe-blogger’s personal favorite.

How Best to Use Blogger Outreach Programs

Initially, it can be difficult to jump into the foray of blogger outreach programs but with the right strategies, it shouldn’t be unachievable at all. Here’s a simple list of resources and things to consider:

1. The First Step: Before approaching bloggers, you should ensure that you know about them and their work. You may love somebody’s writing style and number of followers, but if they talk of chalk in their blog and you offer cheese, it just won’t work. The followers will immediately whiff something suspicious, so don’t underestimate the customer.

2. Build a relationship: Once you’ve decided on the right bloggers, you need to start thinking of building a relationship with them. For instance, you may offer to do an expert guest blog as an authority on your product, on the blogger’s website.

3. Employ some passion: If your blogger of choice has never heard of you before, which is likely to happen, don’t be disheartened. Make sure that you are quite passionate about your product when you pitch it to them, because writers can better emote with a piece or product through passion.

Blogger outreach programs can be hugely beneficial for not just small and medium sized businesses, but well established ones. In an age where every TV or FB promo ad just makes us more wary, this is the perfect antidote for gaining some attention.

Mariia Lvovych is a an experienced guest blogger and blogger outreach expert, entrepreneur, owner at blogger outreach and business writing service.

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