24 Clever Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Blog

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby, as well as, as a source of earning. Either you make a blog for earning purposes, or as a hobby, in both of the cases, it is important to get traffic. One of the most popular ways to get traffic is via backlinks. These are the links on other blogs, websites and forums which redirect to your blog. Here we will discuss some of the methods which you can use to get quality backlinks to your blog.


1. Build up Great Content

Whatever you may do, you can never deny the importance of quality content. Try to write the best content with accurate information, facts and figures from the most reliable sources. People are attracted by content if they like the content, they will share your link and refer people to your blog, earning you some quality backlinks. Make sure the content is genuine and is not updated. People love the most recent content. To know how to write a popular post, read this guide here.

2. Get a “Link To Us” page

On popular websites, there is a feature of linking to the blogs of the same niche. If you are doing great work in your field, you can get a link to us page on a popular website. You can get such pages by reviewing some of their products or featuring their products in your posts. Such pages generally are good sources of backlinks.

3. Get in the Eyes of People By Networking

Post actively on various forums and cite your own blog as a reference. People use such forums as a source of infotainment. If you post sensibly using accurate content, this can get you quality backlink with traffic of the related niche.

4. Social Media

Social media is the best backlink platform of this age. Use the social media like Facebook, Twitter, PinTrest, Google+ and Youtube to get backlinks. Create a Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter Profile even before you start blogging. These are the chief sources of backlinks in the starts. Try to make these popular by getting as much likes as possible. Create captivating social media posts and link them to your blog. Present the posts in such a way that people are compelled to click on your link out of curiosity. You can use captivating pictures or catchy lines for that but remember never to disappoint the user.

5. Reveal Your Achievements

If you have achieved anything important in the field, share it with people on various forums. You can use the social, print and electronic media for it. People of this age follow facts and figures. Give them some facts about yourself to follow. When people come to know about your achievements in the Niche, they will follow your link.

6. Guest Blog

Look for the websites in your Niche which feature guest blogging. Go to them and write an attracting blog on your Niche. Once you have done that, link the blog to your own blog as the reference site. Guest blogs are one of the easiest and the most reliable ways of backlinks. This can serve as a good backlink too.

7. Find Unlinked Mentions

Find the websites which have mentioned you and not linked to you. Once you find such websites, email them thanking for mentioning you and ask them to link the mention to your blog. There are various tools on the web which can trace out the unlinked mentions of your blog on the web. This can be particularly useful if you are mentioned by a notable website.

8. Use Yahoo Answers

Many people use Yahoo Answers to get the answers of everyday problems. Answer the questions on Yahoo answers and mention your own blog as the reference site. If you do not know the answer, do research on the topic and then answer it but be authentic on the topic otherwise you will have a bad impression on the people and they may not like to visit your blog again Remember! If you satisfy a visitor, they come again otherwise, they do not.

9. Review Your Blog on Blog Review Forums

Blog review forums are the forums to review the blogs in order to make it easy for the new visitors to see which blog is a better one. Find some active blog review forums and post reviews to your blog on them. People often refer to such forums to discover some good quality bogs. You can get a lot of traffic from them. Do not forget to link them back to your blog. Again! Be honest.

10. Write Controversial Blog and Post your Link in a Forum

Controversial topics are fun and useful. They attract the supporters of both points of view. Write about the controversial topics but try not to be too partial about one of them as you may find yourself in trouble. Also if you are too biased towards one issue, the supporters of the adverse cause will start to dislike your page and never come to it again. Link these blog posts to your social media platforms and also on the forums related to your niche.

11. Compare the top people of the Niche

People are always interested in the top people of a niche. Write articles and posts related to them. For example if your niche is cricket, compare Sean Watson and Brian Lara or if you are writing on cars compare Brain O’ corners driving with that of Dom. But never give a final verdict. Leave it up to the reader. Giving a verdict may spoil your reputation if you are not right. People are interested in such things and share them with their friends on various forums. Such posts will serve as a natural backlink.

12. Get Subscriptions

Prompt people to subscribe to your newsletter when they come to your site. If they do, email them daily or weekly headlights with links to your blog for details. Depending on the way you have designed the emails and the time you send them to the subscribors, you can get a number of visits from the emailed backlinks. This can be a helpful way of getting quality backlinks.

13. Use .gov and .edu

You cannot really use them. You want to be an educational institute or a government agency to do that. You can use them in a different way. Link to them. Request them to link to your site. You can do so by sending them an email describing your services related to the educational field or chrity works. Google greatly regards such referrals.

14. Create a Wikipedia Page related to your Niche

Wikipedia is written by users like us. Make a Wikipedia page related to your niche. Provide some information on it and mention your own blog in the references. Even if there are pages about everything related to you, edit them and add your links in the references. People regard Wikipedia and the mentions on Wikipedia as an authentic source.

15. Write Posts like 10 ways to…

People are attracted to such posts as 10 ways to clean a car blah blah blah blah. You can also use lines like 10 greatest mysteries, 10 creepiest stories depending on your niche and what may attract the target group. Such posts, even if they are not much authentic, get shared on the social media very often and are a good backlink source.

16. Troll People

Trolls are awesome. Publish an article like “Samsung Bought Apple” This is absolutely wrong but such posts get shared too much. Please remember disclosing within the same post that this is a troll but in such a way that no one can tell that in the first sight. If you fail this, you can be sued by Apple or Samsung or both of them none of which will be a great idea.

17. Use Graphical Content

A small neat diagram is worth 10,000 words. It is a Chinese saying and is considerably true. Graphics attract people much more than the written content. Try to incorporate appropriate and related graphics in the content. It can be videos, animations, pictures and other things like them. People share them on various forums giving you backlinks.

18. Review latest products in your Niche

People are generally interested in the latest products in the field. If you are running a blog on cars, for instance, post a review for the latest Audi and refer to your site for all the information about cars. It does not matter if you have driven the Audi or not. You can read the reviews from various sites and develop an understanding on what the car will be like. In this way people interested in cars will automatically come to your blog.

19. Create a News Section

News is always a matter of interest for many people. Create a section with news to attract the visitors looking for the latest news on the niche. Try to update this section very often. Updated news gets shared on the social media readily and are a source of backlinks to your blog.

20. Use the Newspapers and Magazines

Yes you can use them. They often feature experts of various fields. You can contact the editor to be featured as the expert of your niche. (If you have a good enough blog they will agree readily). In your interview, you can mention your blog as the source of authentic information on the subject. There are many people in the world still taking newspaper as the best source of information. They will definitely visit the blog you mentioned to find out more on the subject.

21. Broken Link Building

Visit the websites of your Niche and look for broken links on them. Once you have found one, you can ask the webmaster to include the link of an article of your own blog. In this way the traffic from that site to that article will come to the same article on your site. The webmasters are also happy to agree to you because he is suffering the loss of traffic due to the broken links. So providing him the related link will be good for him too.

22. Photo Attribution

Google has a service of searching with photos. A photo can be uploaded and searched. If you are running a blog having a large number of photos, you can attribute the photos to your blog and people interested in them will come to you to find out what the photos are about. This is useful for people who are running blogs containing the photos mostly they have captured themselves.

23. Get Translated

This is important to make yourself more popular. Translating to your local language and that of some nearby areas can be effective as everyone cannot understand all the posts in English. Once you translate a post, you can post it like Read in Spanish “Audi A8 E-tron”. This will now attract the people who cannot read anything other than Spanish. If you are running a blog or website on a very large scale like the global scale, consider translating it to French Chinese and Spanish. Everyone does not understand English.

24. Compete With the competitor

This is a very good trick. If you are out of ideas of getting backlinks, you can use this and it works almost all of the times. Simply google out your competitor and see where is he listed. You can then use the same ways to backlink your own page. With this particular method, you will not only have more backlinks but will also be able to be a step ahead of your competitor by posting you link where he has. We believe that you are better than them. And if not yet, you will be because you’ve come here.

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