Boost Your Existing Site Revenue From 50% – 200% Doing Almost Nothing

This post is less about marketing and more about a simple and effective way to boost your Adsense income without breaking a sweat.

In the past those who use Adsense on their site would have to constantly move around code and test out new themes and placements in order to optimize their Adsense earnings.  This amount of effort was rarely worth doing for most people as tracking those 5% increase here and 10% increase there was next to imposable without a HUGE excel spreadsheet mapping everything out.  I should know,  I did just that.

It was almost a year ago that I was invited into a Beta program for those who monetize their websites with Adsense code.  On average this particular website made around $20 dollars a day.  It’s been that way for about 7 years.  A team member at Ezoic convinced me to try out their service for 30 days and while he could not promise an increase in earnings he said he could all but gurantee me a nice boost.

All I had to do was switch over my name servers or insert a snippet of code on my site.  I decided to go the name server route as Ezoic had a free CDN to use.  What Ezoic does is test your site with dozens of different layouts and they move around Adsense code to quickly find what will make you the most amount of money.  There is ZERO cost for this because they take 10% of the earnings off the top.

I know 10% of your daily earnings may sound like a lot but when your site constantly generates 50% -200% more in income it’s nothing.

Best of all I did not have to do a thing besides go to my registrar and switch over the name servers so my site pointed at their servers.

Who Ezoic is NOT For?

It’s important to point out who Ezoic is not for.  If you are not monetizing with Adsense there is no point.  I would not use them on ecommerse sites either as you probably don’t want the layout changed.

Who is Ezoic For?

Any person who is already using Adsense and wants to boost their adsense earnings.  It’s really just that simple.

Some More information on Ezoic you may find useful.

They are an Adsense partner.  This very hard to get title means they have a direct line into Google Adsense and can handle any issue that comes up.

You are not using your Adsense code but Ezoic’s Adsense code.  Everything is tracked in an easy to navigate interface.

It’s not only earnings that can be improved.  Ezoic has options to help you reduce your bounce rate as well.  You can even make that an objective over making more money.

With the FREE CDN your site will load faster then ever before if you were not already on a CDN service.

You can place more then 3 Adsense blocks on your page.  Ezoic can walk you through the details but because they are an Adsense partner they are able to place more ads on your site if that is what you want to do.

Ezoic also has partnerships with native ad companies as well so if you wanted to try to get the most out of your site you can turn on that option as well.

End Summary

It’s rare I rant and rave about a service.  It’s even rarer you can make more money by not paying ANYTHING out of pocket and doing nothing different then you are already doing today.  Sign up with Ezoic Here

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