Check Out the StudyBay Affiliate Program

As you probably know affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable monetization methods online. That is because you’ll actually be selling a product or service, on behalf of another company. On top of that you won’t have to deal with delivery or customer service, as the company itself takes care of everything else when you refer a client.

The challenge is finding the right affiliate programs. Some have small commissions, others don’t convert well, so on and so forth.

If you have a blog or website related to the education niche, you should check the StudyBay affiliate program. It’s a platform for freelance writing services, and you can earn by referring both writers and customers.


Here are some of the promotional materials you’ll have access to if you join:

– banners
– orders form
– links
– landings
– keywords

Commissions range from 40% up to 60% on the first order of any client you refer, and you get 15% on all subsequent orders, so if your referral keeps using the service, you’ll keep earning commissions.

Another cool things is that you’ll have complete control over your stats. Their control panel gives you all details about transfers, orders and profits for the day. You can also check the details of each order, and even create different streams for different types of traffic.

Their affiliate program stats are impressive:

– Conversion rate of 57%
– 9.5 is the average number of orders from customers
– Everyday payouts to affiliates with several payment options

If you have a site that is in a related niche, check it out!

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