Looking for Stock Photos and Images? Check Out Dreamstime

As the idiom goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you are not currently using images on your site or blog, you are missing out. Apart from enriching your content and making your site more visually appealing to visitors, images can actually boost your search traffic, many people go on Google looking for images, and Google redirects that traffic to the respective websites that published the images.

With such benefits in play, why many bloggers and webmasters simply don’t bother using images? Probably because they don’t have an easy and affordable way to get the images themselves.


Simply going to Google, searching for an image and using it on your site doesn’t work. Those images have copyright, meaning that you could get introuble if you use them without permission from the copyright owner.

The best solution is to find royalty-free images, because you can use those without having to worry about legal issues. There are many royalty-free image sites around, but one that I used in the past and recommend is called Dreamstime.

I discovered them by chance when I was looking for an image that contained Brazilian Reais (the Brazilian currency). I couldn’t find it on rival sites, but managed to do it on Dreamstime, so I became a client after that.

In fact they have close to 40 million royalty-free images on their database. Some are available free of charge as you can see here. Others are available for purchase, starting at $0.2 per download, which is quite affordable if you compare with the competition.

If you are a WordPress user, life is going to be even easier. You can install the Dreamstime plugin and add images to your posts directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Check it out!

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