Top 10 Link Building Articles of 2015

How many blog posts have you read on link building over the past 12 months? I’ve read hundreds myself, written a couple and bookmarked a few for safekeeping. Today I have produced a list of my favourite 10 link building articles from 2015 that I recommend you read:

1. Why Link Building Matters

All the way back in February Andrea Lehr published a collaborative effort between BuzzStream and Fractl that reviewed the trends in outbound and inbound marketing techniques.

The conclusion: link building should still be an essential strategy in your digital efforts.

2. 11 Link Building Techniques

In March, Shane Barker published an article on 11 link building techniques that are currently working to improve your website in Google and increase traffic to your website.

This article published on SEMRush features broken link building, Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique and turning mentions into backlinks among other strategies that are working for Shane and others this year, and likely to continue into 2016.

3. We’re Ignoring Google & It’s Working – Here’s Why

Back in May, Samuel Jefferies posted a bold blog on detailing the success he was having in the face of Google’s scaremongering tactics.

In his post, Samuel highlights that a number of the top bloggers within the industry are still succeeding with guest blogging and that authoritative websites still accept guest posts.

4. How to Find 50+ Email Addresses for Your Next Outreach Campaign

Can I sneak this one into a roundup of Link Building blog posts? Well blogger outreach is a big part of link building so I think this post from over the summer by Irma Hunkeler on Blue Grass is well worth the inclusion.

Want 50+ email addresses from your next piece of outreach work? Irma’s post gives great insight into how to accomplish that with a number of tools and strategies mentioned.

5. Getting the BIG Links – using creative campaigns to win in SEO

Back in July, Verve Search’s wonderful CEO and founder, Lisa Myers, published this post on getting creative to earn big links to yours or your clients’ website, after speaking at the Learn Inbound conference in Dublin, Ireland

This blog post includes Lisa’s 56-page slideshare presentation which is well worth clicking through.

6. Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor?

One of Rand Fishkin’s most popular Whiteboard Friday videos in 2015 has been his discussion on whether your brand is a ranking factor in Google. His Moz articles goes on to investigate the importance of branding and social signals when it comes to Google.

This piece of content is available in both video and transcript format, meaning you can listen to it, read it, or do both simultaneously.

7. The 5 Types of Content That Attract the Most Backlinks

A link building roundup post wouldn’t be complete without something from Neil Patel. This piece from August was one of my favourites from 2015 in which Neil explains on his blog, Quicksprout which content attracts the most backlinks.

Fortunately for me, he pointed out that people continue to love list posts, infographics and making an influencer look amazing.

8. Google’s Manual Actions Guide (& How To Fix Them)

Google penalties have been one of the big talking points over the past 12 months and further back. Some websites are still being hit by them and others have either been unsure or slow in recovering from them.

Shane Barker published a great guide on Search Engine People back in August detailing how to revoke and simply prevent your site from becoming the latest victim. This 11-point list includes unnatural links, spam, and thin content.

9. 5 Ways Successful SEOs Are Killing It With Topical Trust Flow

Topical Trust Flow is one of my favourite metrics for determining the quality of a link. If you’re building links on blogs solely for the purpose of ranking in Google, you can ignore this Majestic trust factor at your peril.

Jacob Hagberg wrote this awesome post in August where he gave five examples of SEOs who were doing an excellent job thanks to Trust Flow. This includes finding Twitter profiles of industry influencers and being able to spot the fakes, being able to check that your content marketing strategy is reaching and resonating with the right audience, and helping your website to become an authority in your niche.

10. How Much Do Keywords Still Matter?

Alp Mimaroglu’s blog post on Kissmetrics discussed the topic of keyword heavy anchor text links. A few years ago it used to be all about obtaining these type of links to drive traffic to your website from Google but the game has changed now.
The blog post goes on to talk about authoritative links, keyword placement and longtail keywords.

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