How Stellar Video Content Can Improve Your Blog

Every great blog starts with good quality written content that draws readers in and offers valuable information worth sharing. But even if you’ve found a working formula to keep your blog up to speed there are ways to improve it and offer visitors a better, more engaging experience every time. Adding good quality video content can help you to not only draw new readers in but also facilitate access to the information you are providing. There are many benefits to uploading videos on your blog but you should make sure to check a few essential boxes before posting video content in order to be sure that it is tailored to your readers’ needs.

Be concise

Any content that you create needs to manage to keep users engaged and often times less is more. If you’ve ever written a very long blog post that had great quality but failed to get a lot of traffic you know that you need to be as concise and to the point as you can in order to maintain reader interest. The same principle applies for videos so try to keep them as short as you can. Don’t skip on important information but make sure you don’t add unnecessary footage no matter how visually appealing or interesting it is. Editing your video to contain shorter scenes that quickly showcase the point you are trying to get across will help keep your users engaged and entertained and increase the chances your video has to be watched through and through.

Invest in quality

Every video blogger and Youtube personality will tell you that the quality of a video is one of the most important factors to determine the number of views it will garner. Users will more likely lose interest in watching a poor quality video simply because it is more difficult to follow so invest in the production process in order to create a video that is appealing and engaging. Investing in quality doesn’t mean spending huge amounts of money on expensive equipment but rather investing time in the production of great content, coming up with creative ideas that will interest users and editing it into an appealing format.

Get the music right

Adding music can help your video become more entertaining and interesting but you have to be careful when integrating it into your material. Make sure that it matches the theme of your content and is stimulating or engaging for the viewer. Don’t get in trouble because of copyright infringement and only use music that you have created or music that has a Creative Commons license. You can also ask artists for permission to use their melodies and credit them for it in your vide if they agree, which can be a win-win situation.

Make it accessible

One key feature of great videos that end up going viral is that they are accessible to a large, world-wide audience. Try to make your video content as easily accessible as you can in order to ensure that it gets more traffic and manages to reach a broader demographic. There are several methods that you can employ in order to make your video as viewer-friendly as possible. Adding online captioning can help you garner more traffic and make your content more accessible while providing translation for your video will broaden the audience that can view and follow your posts.

Exploit your creativity

Don’t be afraid to add your own unique twist to your videos and create content that represents your style. Just because it’s not written work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to make it your own. When you’re producing videos you can get away with crazy, whimsical elements that you couldn’t normally include in your written pieces since people watching love discovering video content that is out of the ordinary and showcases your creativity and unique perspective. As long as you are getting your message across clearly to your viewers the way in which you manage to do that is entirely up to you. Humor that anyone can grasp easily, a clean-cut format, a unique perspective and concise delivery are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when trying to create successful video content.

Avid reader, caring listener and freelance writer, Paul Groberts has been collaborating with for the better part of the last couple of years. Together with his wife, Theresa, Paul Groberts can say that he has one too many dogs and an impressive collection of classic and modern movies. Of course, Theresa is the shot-caller.

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