The Dos and Don’ts of Guest Posting Opportunities

Content marketing has become the ultimate SEO buzzword, so it isn’t a surprise that marketers are using guest posts to build links. Guest blogging is the ideal way to get visibility and it allows you to develop relationships and get more web traffic. Google is making its algorithm more complex and tough with each passing day, which means that you have to follow strict standards of originality, quality and creativity when you decide to guest blog. There is no doubt that guest blogging is an excellent marketing method, but you can only reap its benefits when you choose the right guest post service. Choosing a good blog/website for getting your posts published is also important.

If you are making the guest posting efforts yourself, there are some things that you should pay attention to, and some, you should avoid when you are researching through the numerous guest blogging opportunities:

Things to Do

-Always seek out platforms where you can reach your readers. The blog’s niche doesn’t have to be identical to yours, but the audience should overlap and you should be able to offer something valuable to the readers that makes sense from the perspective of branding.

-Do some research to ensure that the blog you are considering has the right search engine ranking and appropriate page authority. Publishing guest posts on a low quality blog is going to get you penalized.

-Make sure the blog is active and gets visitors frequently. This can be judged by the number of activity and comments on the pages. You can also check the subscriber count of the blog to know how many people visit it frequently.

-Go through the various posts on the blog and see who has contributed to it. It is crucial to ensure that the posts don’t fall under the ‘spammy’ category.

-The blog shouldn’t accept posts from just about anyone. They should have strict guidelines and requirements for a guest post. If anyone can get his or her post published, the blog is probably not worth it.

Things to Avoid

Pursuing sub-par blogs is only going to waste your time. Most blogger outreach services as well as bloggers now understand that it is completely useless to publish on substandard blogs. When you are navigating through the various guest blogging opportunities, these are the things to avoid:

-Never publish on blogs that don’t have a clear subject matter or audience. Your goal is to get in touch with your target audience and this will only waste your time and resources.

-Avoid guest blogging on blogs that have excessive ads. Chances are that they don’t have a lot of visitors and subscriber count because people get annoyed with a lot of ads and they are less likely to visit the blog. Hence, your guest post will not get the exposure you desire.

-Blogs that have poor infrastructure, confusing design and navigation, a bad interface and offer a bad experience to users is another platform you should avoid.
-Don’t go for guest blogging on blogs that don’t have any social media presence.

-Only make an exception if it has a large following. Social media has become integral to today’s marketing strategy and a blog should have presence on the popular networks to make it a good choice.

Mariia Lvovych is a an experienced guest blogging and blogger outreach expert, entrepreneur, owner at

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