Top 10 Content Marketing Articles of 2015

Of the thousands of posts on content marketing published into 2015, I have narrowed down the ones I have read over the past 12 months into a top 10 list of epic content to save you a lot of time and still get great benefit. Here are my favourite content marketing articles from 2015:

1. 2 Content Types That Will Earn the Most Shares in 2015

Andrea Lehr’s post from way back in February used BuzzStream and Fractl numbers to figure out which content types earn the most shares, and then tracked 220,000 pieces of content over the course of six months using BuzzSumo.

This excellent piece from Andrea gives you insights into what types of content would get us in 2015 (and one would guess the will be very popular in 2016 too).

2. The Consultant’s Checklist for Launching Content

In April, Tim Allen’s blog post on Distilled provided us with an excellent checklist of what we need to do before publishing a blog post.

This blog post is great for helping us get the most out of each of our blog posts, both in terms of SEO and social, as well as making sure we’ve added the correct tracking codes for Analytics.

3. What’s the Difference? Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing

Earlier this year, Greg Secrist published an article on Search Engine Journal to discuss the difference between content strategy and content marketing.

In his post Greg discusses the importance of having a content strategy in place to get the best for your business or blog.

4. How to Write the Perfect Blog Post: a Simple 8 Step Formula
In March, Lisa Bollins from Receptional gave us a simple but great eight-step formula in how to produce the perfect blog post.
Lisa discussed the importance of the headlines, opening paragraph and images to hook and keep your users on board. And then the importance of having a call to action at the end if you have something to sell.

5. A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles

The headline of your article is often the most important part of determining whether it is going to be a success or not. So Corey Eridon’s piece on Hubspot in March is tremendous for helping to write one that will help your next blog post go viral.

Corey reiterates to keep the title accurate, mentions optimising the title for SEO purposes, and if you’re struggling for ideas – brainstorm with others.

6. 5 Content Marketing Myths To Correct Now

Over the summer, Andy Betts put to bed some myths that had been floating around when he published this piece of content on Search Engine Watch.

Andy discussed the quality versus quantity issue, whether there any benefit to producing more content, and social shares, among other topics.

7. How to create content that sticks

In August, Antoni Swidlicki of Green Light Digital gave us an insight into making sticky content.

Antoni covered some important factors for us to consider, such as whether there is an audience, does our content appeal to the end user, and making sure that our pieces are easy for our audience to share.

8. 6 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

Eager to create some visual content to attract more and new traffic to your website? Lucien Joyce’s piece on Kissmetrics back in August was a great reminder of visual art you can create to do just this.

From images to videos and presentations, Lucien gives guidance on producing this content with several links to further sources to help create some epic visual content.

9. 7 Steps That Will Hook Your Audience through the Magnetic Force of Fascination

At the start of October, Andrew McDermott published this piece on Copyblogger delving into what content can hook an audience.

Andrew gives examples and ideas of how to make your next piece of content fascinate your target audience. This involves creating urgency, a mystique that arouses curiosity, prestige and trust and more.

10. 10 Online Tools to Make Content Like a Pro

A couple of months ago Antonio Tooley made our lives easier with his post on Kristi Hines’ website listing 10 online tools we can use to create expert-looking content.

This post features tools for idea generation, research and writing tools to turn any novice into a pro in a short period of time.

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