Top 5 Video Websites And Why They Are Important For Your Business

It is imperative that businesses put themselves out there and engage with the consumer in order to drive success. Video production is an ever-increasing method by which businesses are marketing themselves in a new and fresh way. A study by Cisco predicted that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Video is naturally engaging and easy to digest and it could drive huge amounts of traffic to your site and create more business. Video has the potential to set you apart from competitors if it is done well, which is normally achieved through going to a professional advertising or marketing agency.

Video marketing can add a new element to your online and social presence, and using any of the following video websites could help you increase traffic to your site or simply boost brand awareness.

1. YouTube
YouTube is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to videos. With YouTube videos appearing more and more in Google searches, you can even improve your business’ search ranking through video marketing. YouTube has around 1 billion visitors a month, opening up endless possibilities when it comes to growing your audience and reaching your target market.

YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide, after Google and Facebook and brings in a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone, therefore creating a huge platform for you to incorporate into your marketing strategy. A creative ad agency would help you implement this.

2. Vimeo
Vimeo is a video platform constantly increasing in popularity and has gained itself a reputation for high quality used by creative professionals. You may often see artists releasing new videos and other content through Vimeo, which has given the video site a credible background.

Vimeo offers a smaller and more niche community for more professional creatives. Its smaller audience can result in more engaged viewers. It has a clean layout, making the video the focus and nothing else.

3. Wistia
Wistia gives you the option to have full control over the branding of your videos and enables you to add sharing buttons and a clickable call to action. Wistia has an analytic package that includes a heatmap for every view; this shows exactly which parts of the video were watched, skipped or re-watched.
Wistia is a relatively new platform but its SEO features make it a great platform for your business.

4. Sprout
Sprout offers business video hosting solutions that provides a full analytics service and you can add call to action to capture valuable leads. You can also easily add an email collection form to build your contact list from your video marketing. This along with the ability to customise your playlists and videos makes Sprout a brilliant platform to start utilising video content. You can also customise the appearance of your video every time you embed it and there are a whole host of security settings.

5. Vine
Despite being an app, Vine is an important platform to consider. With social media becoming more and more important for business, Vine is a video app that allows you to create 6 second videos and share through your social media accounts. Targeting a younger and media-savvy audience, your business can use Vine to create eye-catching clips to help promote your brand.

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to video hosting but with a leading creative agency in video production and branding such as Creative Spark with its range of services, you could have a wealth of help by your side as you branch out into video production as a way of content marketing. Creative Spark offer a huge array of avenues to get into branding and advertising, whether it is through digital, print or video. If you are serious about using the advantages of these video hosting sites it may be worth looking to an advertising agency to help you get the most out of it!

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