Trouble Coming Up with Ideas for Posts? Check Out This Generator

If you have been blogging for a while, you probably know that coming up with ideas for new and interesting blog posts can be quite a challenge on in a while. Keeping your blog updated and writing new content regularly is paramount to getting well positioned on the Google search results, but creating all that content is not easy!

Luckily there are some tricks and tools you can use for this purpose.

The tip I have is to take a look at a magazine stand or at magazines from niches different from yours. You’ll notice that the headlines and the stories can easily be adapted to your own blog and audience. For instance, suppose you have a blog about cars. Pick up a fitness magazine and you might find an article titled “7 Mistakes You Are Probably Doing in the Gym.” You could adapt it to your own site as “7 Mistakes You Are Probably Doing With Your Car.”

Easy huh?

Now here’s a tool that will remove even that work from your part. It’s called Blog Idea Generator. All you have to do is to input 3 words (preferably nouns) and the tool will automatically generate 5 blog post titles for you. I tested it and really liked the result, and the ideas it suggested were really catchy and engaging.

Definitely a tool to bookmark and use regularly, whenever your creative juices are not flowing adequately!

How about you, what tips and tricks do you use to come up with new blog post ideas?

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