The Fastest Way to Find Blogs that Want Your Guest Post

Every guest posting guide recommends searching Google for blogs that accept guest posts. This works, but is slow and most blogs don’t have a specific “Submit your guest blogs here!” page. Other guides recommend looking at competitor’s backlinks to find posts, which is also slow and cluttered with many other links.

The key is to be extremely specific in your searches. Search by competitor, not a topic. This works great for B2B content marketing campaigns, where there may not be industry blogs to post on. For example, search for:

competitor “guest post”
[Name of competitor’s director of marketing] “guest post”

For non-business terms, the same principle applies. Be specific: “guest post” (posts that talk about sites similar to yours)
[Name of topic thought leader] “guest post”

Create 20-30 of these searches and you’ll quickly put together a list of on-target websites that accept guest posts (it’s how I found DailyBlogTips). And when applying, remember to these tips for making sure your guest post is accepted.

The goal of this technique isn’t to find every place you could post, it’s to be much more efficient in your search so you have more time for writing. Every result of these searches should be a blog interested in what you have to say. Happy searching!

James Paden is a programmer and marketer for Instrumental, the application monitoring platform. His goal is to automate his entire life, and failing that (which he is), at least make life as efficient as possible.

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