7 Years of Google Chrome

A lot has changed since Google launched Chrome back in September 2008. Chrome’s popularity has been growing ever since then and all the other important browsers became more like Chrome. Google focused on the things that mattered and transformed the browser from a simple application into a “modern OS” for web apps.

While there are many services that claim to measure the market share for browsers, I tend to think that StatCounter is the most accurate. StatCounter’s stats for 2008-2015 show that Chrome’s market share grew from 0% to 53% in 7 years, while IE’s share declined from 67% to 15%. According to StatCounter, Chrome is now the dominant browser, while IE and Firefox are continually losing market share.

It’s clear that Google did a lot things right when it launched Chrome, but few people anticipated that Google’s browser will take over the world. Most people didn’t know what’s a browser and only knew that they were supposed to click on the blue E icon to go online. Google changed this by promoting a constantly evolving browser, which was faster and more secure.

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