Need a Calendar for WordPress? Check Out Event Calendar WD

If you have a website where you usually need to share the events you organize or participate, the best way is adding a nice calendar on which you will showcase all the events in a professional and structured way. This will add a value for your users who can easily follow your upcoming events.

There are bunch of WordPress calendar Plugins that you can consider to use for this purpose but sharing my experience I’d strongly recommend you Event Calendar WD which will do all the work for you.

wordpress calendar plugin

I really like the variety of event display modes they suggest: Month, Week, Day, List, Map, 4 Days, Posterboard. You should enter the calendar demo to see how elegant each view looks in reality. If you are already in the demo page, don’t forget to check also theme skins which can be easily customized to meet the design needs of your website.

Another great thing about this WordPress calendar plugin is that it is truly responsive and has nice structure on any device screen.

My other favorite features in this plugin are:

-No restriction on the number of calendars or events
-Ability to create categories for events
-Structured event markup
-Ability to create venue-list and adding an event just select from the list not write -venue info each time again
-Ability to manage organizers’ data
-Google Maps integration
-Social share buttons
-And much more

Besides all this really advanced features the pro version of calendar also comes with bunch of integrations and add-ons which add really cool functionalities.

Event Calendar WD has the following Integrations that you’ll really love to have:

-Facebook event integration
-Google calendar integration
-iCal integration

Here I want also to share the list of Event Calendar WD add-ons that you may want to give a try:

-Event filter bar
-Event countdown (I really enjoy this add-on)
-Upcoming events widget
-ECWD export/import

I’m sure that this well structured calendar will add extra charm to your website and will give you better experience of managing events through your website.

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