3 Reasons to Use Video on Your Website or Blog

Despite video’s huge popularity (think YouTube, Meerkat, etc), there are many website owners and bloggers who still don’t use it. If you are one of them, here are three reasons to rethink your video strategy.

1. It helps to deliver your message

Depending on the type of content you publish, using video might be a great way to deliver your message. Video helps your users understand the concepts you are trying to explain. One reason people love video is that it provides them with a change of pace – and some visual relief – from having to read information. This is especially true for websites that deliver education content.


2. It’s easy to find and embed video

There are several websites that sell affordable royalty-free videos. For instance, check the video section on Bigstock.com. Second, if you are using a modern CMS like WordPress, adding video to your site or blog posts will just require a couple of clicks.

3. Increase your user engagement

The more time a visitor spends on your website, the higher the chances that you will convert him into a loyal reader, subscriber or customer. And guess what, video drastically increases the amount of time that people spend on any given page.

If you are not using video yet, get started! Claim your 7-day free trial on Bigstock and download up to 35 free video clips.

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