Site Monitoring

Picture this. You spent months ironing out your PPC and media campaigns. You turned the corner and now you are at a consistent profit. You have business leads and sales coming in every day. The months of tweaking campaigns, ad copy and landing pages are now a thing of the past. You are focusing full steam ahead on servicing the clients you have and nurturing the new leads.

Midweek you realize it’s been a few days since your site produced any leads. You log into your site only to notice it’s been down for over 36 hours and you had ZERO knowledge of this. If you think this is abnormal you better think again. I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked on an Adwords ad only to be sent to a page with this site can not be found.

The fact is sites go down all the time for many different reasons. When your site goes down you need to know ASAP. This is especially true if you drive paid traffic to your site. Traffic networks don’t really care if your site is down. They are still going to charge you for each and every click.

The good news out of this is there are free and paid options out there. A service I am now using is called . It sounds a little ominous because there really isn’t any spying going on. It’s simple monitoring your website to let you know if the site or any pages on the site change.

Here is a video covering how works

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