How to Create Ads For Adwords Search

You have 2 ways of creating ads.

  • Inside Adwords
  • Inside Adwords Editor

If you have only a few ads to create you can easily create the ads inside Adwords.  However if you have many different adgroups and need to create large amounts of ads using the Adwords Editor is a lot faster and easier in my opinion.

Here is a video covering creating Ads inside Adwords.  If you have not already watched the best practices guide on creating ads you really should do so as we cover how to write a great ad.

Once inside your Campaign and the Ad group where you want to create the ad press the Red Ad Button

create-ad-1Select “Text Ad” from the drop down menu.

Now create your Ad for that Ad group.

create-ad-2In the previous video we already covered the best practices for creating an ad.  There really is not much more we can say besides stress the importance of split testing ad copies to find the best ad possible.

The Final URL has already been covered in the previous video as well.  This is the final destination the user is going to land on after clicking your ad.

How to Create Ads inside the Adwords Editor

This is where I generally create most of my Ad groups when not using a specialized tool for PPC.

This video covers the details of creating an Ad inside of Adwords Editor

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