How to Create Ad Groups in Adwords

There are 2 main ways to create Adgroups for Adwords

  • Manually inside Adwords
  • Semi Manual using Adwords Editor

I make most my ad groups and ads inside Adwords Editor because it’s just so much faster for me. I will walk you through both methods but will spend far more time on Adwords Editor.

In these Examples I have already created my campaign inside Adwords and have called it Denver Dental

Create Adgroup Inside Adwords


Enter into your Campaign and select the +Ad Group button in Red


Name the Ad group in the “Ad group Name” field


While creating an ad group you will see fields for creating Ads. You do not have to fill those out at this time. You do however have to set a default bid for that Ad group. All keywords that are in this group will default to this custom bid when you first load up keywords.

Hit the Save button at the end and you just created your first ad group manually.

Creating Ad groups using Adwords Editor


First you need to download and install Adwords Editor if you have not done so already.

Download at :

You will also need to Link your account to the Adwords Editor tool. This is super easy to do. Just select the “Account ” button on the top left and from the drop down menu select “Open”. Follow the onscreen instructions to link your Adwords account. Once Down you will be prompted to download your account campaigns.

If you already have your campaign created you can just download it.

Import Data From the Adwords Keyword Tool

When doing our keyword research we already downloaded a .csv file that contained a bunch of keywords. In the keyword video we walked you through selecting keywords you wanted to bid on and removing negative keywords as well as removing keywords you did not want to bid on.

If you did all that we recommended you should be left with just the keywords you want to bid on and have those keywords segmented into separate ad groups.

There is no written guide on this section as it’s just easier to show you in a video.

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