Keyword Match Types

An Introduction to Keyword Match Types on Adwords

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With Adwords search you are able to bid on 4 different match types for keywords

  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • Broad
  • Broad Match Modify


Exact: Exact keywords are put between brackets [ ] . So [dental denver] would trigger when someone typed in

  • dental denver

Exact keywords may also trigger close match variants that Google deems to mean the same. So potentially an exact keyword could match other highly relevant search keywords.

Bidding on Exact keywords will bring you in the most targeted traffic however the competition and search volume are generally the most competitive.

Phrase: Phrase keywords are shown in quotes “”. So “dental denver” would trigger

  • dental denver
  • dental denver service

These will be close match phrases that contain the keyword phrase you entered.

Phrase keyword bidding is a great way to expand the search volume a campaign may have and potentially find cheap clicks for less competitive terms.

Broad: Broad keywords have no modifier. With broad keywords you will show up for any search Google deems to be related. If I were bidding on Denver Dental I may show for

  • dentist insurance denver
  • teeth cleaning in denver
  • how much for braces in denver
  • Cheap dental practice

Bidding on broad keywords will get you the most search volume as Google attempts to match many different broad searches. You are casting the widest net possible. This is great for discovering new keyword terms to bid on but you have to add in negative keywords when using broad searches.

If you only service a specific geo location/city then I recommend you also only allow for people in that area to see you ad.

Broad Match Modified (BMM): BMM keywords use the plus sign +. +denver +Dental will trigger your ad whenever these combined keywords are used in any order.

  • is there a good dental practice in denver
  • affordable dental service in denver
  • dental service near me in denver

BMM is perfect for those who are attempting to widen their search volume but need closer related searches than what Broad bidding allows. BMM works perfect when you have 2 keywords that commonly show in a search. I personally use BMM all the time in combination with my main keyword and a city or root keyword I am targeting.

A perfect example would be a car insurance company who has offices is let’s say Denver.

I clearly want to bid on the keywords “insurance”, but I also want to bid on the cities I serve. So I may use BMM in this manner

  • +insurance +denver
  • +insurance +Aurora

Let’s say I bid on the above BMM. I may still want to add in negative keywords as I don’t sell life insurance. Even if I did sell life insurance I would want a separate ad just for that term and I would want the visitor to land on a page around life insurance and not car insurance.

So in this case I would add in negative keywords like

dental, life, home

I could always just expand my BMM keywords to be a little more exclusive by adding in another keyword

  • +insurance +Denver +car
  • +insurance +Denver +truck

So now my add will trigger when someone does a search like

  • cheap car insurance in denver
  • insurance options for truck in denver

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