Delivery Methods and Advanced Settings

Delivery Methods:

Adwords Delivery MethodsUnder Delivery Methods you have two choices

Standard: This option will attempt to distribute your ads evenly through out the day based upon your budget.

For Example: You have a budget of $100 dollars and you are bidding on the keyword “books”. Clearly Adwords has a lot of searches for this term. What Adwords will do is show a few ads at different times of the day so you are getting a more even distribution of traffic.

Accelerated: This option will spend the daily budget as fast as possible . So with the same example of above, $100 dollars and bidding on the keyword “Books” you would most likely spend that days budget in just an hour or so which would only take you from 12 AM to 1 AM.

When starting out I always recommend you start with Standard Delivery. This will get you an even spend throughout the day and a greater chance of making sales.

As time goes on and you optimize your campaign you will most likely want to change this from Standard to Accelerated. You should only do this once you start to dial in on your campaign and things are working for you.

Adwords SchedulingScheduling is just that. You can set the start date for your campaign and the end date as well as the day and time the campaign should run.

If I were a Dental Clinic and was only open from 8AM to 5 PM I probably would only want my ads running during this time frame.

We will be touching upon ad scheduling again later in this course with a few extra tips.

Ad Deliver: Ad Rotation

Adowrds Ad rotationYou basically have 4 options when it comes to Ad Rotation

  • Optimize For Click
  • Optimize For Conversion
  • Rotate Evenly
  • Rotate Indefinitely

The image already tells you each of these ads do but here is my quick take on how best to use this feature.

In general when starting out you want to evenly split test your ads till you know you have a winning copy. Only then do you want to optimize. When selecting the Optimize for clicks option, Adwords will not give your ads an even distribution of impressions. In reality it makes early rash decisions that can be WAY off the mark. I avoid this option currently as it just is not that good at split testing.

Optimizing for conversions can be great if you already have conversion data in place. However again starting off you do not have conversion data and it only takes 1-2 conversion for Adwords to just not show the rest of your ads.

Rotate Evenly is my favorite option. This basically will force Adwords to evenly rotate your ads for you and only after 90 days will it decide which ad works best for you and start dropping the other ads that do not perform as well. I like this option over Rotate Indefinitely just because if I forget about a few ads I’m split testing it will catch it for me.

Rule of thumb for ads is you want to split test two different ads against each other and see which performs the best. As soon as you have a statistically proven winner you should drop the loosing ad copy and split test another ad copy unless you are happy with the results you are seeing.

We will cover more about ads further in the course and you will see why I personally use rotate indefinitely or rotate evenly over the other two options.

Campaign URL Options

While this option is present when setting up a campaign I generally never use this to set my default tracking tokens. You of course can do this but we will be covering tracking in depth later in another guide.

In another section we will also dive more into Dynamic Search ads as well as Ad Extensions. Both of these options deserve their own section.

Be sure to watch the rest of the videos on Adwords Search to get a full picture of how to get the most out of Adwords. If used properly, Adwords can be one of the most beneficial types if advertising you can do.

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