Meet Monstroid – a Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Beginners and Professionals

Multifunctionality has become one of the main technological features of the last years. Phones are not just phones anymore, refrigerators got internet access and WordPress is no longer a blog-only CMS. Necessity in all-in-one themes has inspired guys from TemplateMonster to create Monstroid – a next-generation WordPress theme with functionality of a framework. As a flagship theme it should meet the following requirements: be multipurpose, customizable and feature-rich. Does it?

Let’s take look at the most promising features of this newly released theme.


Lots of child themes monthly

Being a theme in the first place, not just a website builder, Monstroid offers not only a sandbox for DIY-lovers and professional developers, but also numerous readymade child themes on every possible topic. The initial release is supplied with the following designs: Business, Education, Interior & Furniture and Art & Photography. Every month the collection will be supplemented with about 15 different child themes. This is similar to the “template club” principle, when you pay a subscription fee and get new free designs regularly, with one exception: you can download, modify and activate all the child themes on one domain right from your dashboard.

Unique Features for Easy Development

Talking about instruments of professional development, we mean flexibility and ability to easily change any settings. This feature distinguishes open source software from proprietary, and in terms of flexibility Monstroid definitely has something to impress you.

With the help of the wizard the process of activating a new child theme takes just a few minutes. All available themes are viewed on one page so you can change them with one click.

In addition to the premade collection of shortcodes, there is a plugin, which allows WordPress developers to create and modify their own shortcodes. Shortcode template editor provides an opportunity to change the output order of shortcode elements. For example, you can easily swap the preview image and the post title in the “Related Posts” shortcode. Some complex shortcodes (such as Post Grid, Charts, Testimonials, etc.) now have their own templates that can be completely redesigned in a template editor. The results can be saved and later used in

This drag’n’drop tool is for adjusting the positions of your footer and header elements (logo, slider, banner, navigation bar, etc). With its help you will be able to change completely these areas by managing sliders, menus, For better performance Monstroid offers automatic CSS optimization. Usage of a single CSS file contributes to a website’s loading speed, but development process is much easier with multiple style sheets. With the function of CSS compilation and minification you can work with several CSS files and then just merge them with a couple of clicks.


Other Features

Monstroid is based on the Cherry Framework 4.0 – the latest version of a popular open source WordPress theme framework, which has already become the foundation for hundreds of successful websites.

Sometimes themes have so many options and settings that it is impossible to remember all of the changes made.

Cherry’s backup function creates checkpoints, thus allowing you to experiment with your theme settings without any unpleasant consequences.

Monstroid is 100% responsive thanks to the use of HTML5 and CSS3, and looks awesome on any mobile and stationary devices. It’s not only about the interface – user images are scalable too.

Module-like macros, introduced by WordPress a couple of years ago have become one of the most popular innovations in web development. Cherry Framework offers dozens of them, for any possible purpose.

Source PSD files

Over 60 PSD source files come with the default Monstroid package. Included are the source files for all page types of all child themes and, of course, every new child theme will contain its own set of sources.

Powerful Plugins Coming with Monstroid

To provide maximum diversity, Monstroid is packed with a number of plugins. All the plugins supplied with the theme can be used independently.

MotoPress Content Editor

A premium version worth $29 comes with Monstroid for free. This plugin is a user-friendly layout builder, able to redesign any page of your WordPress website without rummaging through tons of CSS code.

Cherry Portfolio

Powered with Ajax, this post type is intended to demonstrate your skills and achievements in a simple way. Its responsive galleries and portfolio pages can be enhanced with advanced visual effects for a more professional look.

MotoPress Slider

MotoPress Slider is a flexible tool for building custom sliders for your webpage. It features a number of animations and transition effects, duration control and layered structure. You may also use videos instead of images, including modern HTML5 technology.

Cherry Data Manager

This plugin is used for exporting, importing and installing your sample data. It is extremely useful in the case of transferring from one hosting provider to another.

Skin Switcher

Its name speaks for itself: this plugin allows switching between pre-made color schemes of your theme (flat, minimal, dark). You may find it especially useful if you are planning to change them regularly.

Cherry Mega Menu

Mega Menu is a kind of dropdown menu with its own mini-markup and lots of rich content. With the help of Cherry Mega Menu you can edit its layout and add banners, buttons, YouTube videos, etc.

Cherry Blog Layouts

You probably have your own opinion about how a blog layout should look (Grid, Masonry, Flat). This plugin gives you the opportunity to create your own design, without restrictions.

Cherry Team

Cherry Team is a way to show your team members with photos, short biographies and professional skills.

Cherry Services

This plugin introduces a new post type suitable for landing pages and business portfolios with pricing tables and product features.

Cherry Testimonials

Whether you are launching a company website, a personal portfolio or an eCommerce store, you’ll surely find a use for this powerful marketing tool. Testimonials are considered to be more effective than company-generated content, and this plugin is one of the simplest ways to build a “testimonials” area on your website.

Cherry Custom Sidebars

Sidebars can be easily modified without any coding skills. Just rearrange the elements or add new widgets to change their functionality completely.

Cherry Grid

Cherry Grid is a powerful tool for defining the general look of your blog posts (you can choose from a few options: rows, columns, masonry).

Cherry Charts

It can be used to create custom diagrams, pie, doughnut, bar, line charts etc. It’s a must-have visualization tool for any business website.

Cherry Social

Implement social login, gain subscribers and spread the word through social media to increase your readership and user engagement. This plugin supports all the popular social networks.

Cherry Rank

Another way to increase the credibility of your website is ranking. With Cherry Ranking plugin your visitors can rate posts, products or images with stars, which will gain your site additional trust.

Compatibility with major popular third-party plugins

As we’ve mentioned above, a modern WordPress-based website can be not only a blog, but a business portfolio, an online store, a forum, and even combine all of these roles in one place. Thus it isn’t a surprise, that Monstroid, being an all-purpose theme, has native support of all the major plugins out of the box. There are too many of them to mention, but you should be aware of the most iconic of them:

WooCommerce is an extremely popular eCommerce plugin, used by 21% of all online store owners worldwide. All Monstroid child themes are ready for use with WooCommerce, additionally one of the themes is created specifically for this plugin.

BBPress – allows implementation of the functionality of a forum on your WordPress website. It is especially popular among business owners who can run support forums without any need for switching between CMSs.

BuddyPress – another remarkable plugin for setting up a WordPress-based social network.


You can run multilingual websites with support of right-to-left languages without any need for third-party plugins.

In Case Something Goes Wrong

Then you can enjoy free 24/7 technical support (live chat, email). Moreover Documentation is handy, but communication with a real person is always more effective.

Monstroid theme is too colossal to embrace all its features within one review. It gives you freedom to create and reduces the human input factor, when necessary, to save you from mistakes. Speaking automotive terms, Monstroid is a “manumatic” transmission, combining all the best features of good old web development and a user-friendly sandbox. And what’s one of the best things about it is that it can be a perfect fit for web designers as well as beginners. Why don’t you check out this intriguing theme?

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