A Privacy Reminder From Google

After signing in to my Google account, Google showed a new page called “a privacy reminder from Google.” Here’s Google’s explanation: “To be consistent with data protection laws, we’re asking you to take a moment to review key points of Google’s Privacy Policy. This is not about a change we’ve made – it’s just a chance to review the key points below.”

The page shows a list of information processed when you use Google and a list of reasons why it’s processed. Google also explains how it uses data to improve user experience and lets you adjust some privacy controls (account history, ads settings, opt out of Google Analytics data collection). “These features work because of the information you choose to store with Google. But that’s up to you. The controls in your Google Account let you decide what information you want Google to put to work on your behalf,” informs Google.

The “other options” link at the bottom of the page shows some advanced features. “You’re in control of the information in your Google Account. You can edit or delete some or all of it. In other words, you can shape your experience how you like.” Google lets you pause or delete your Web & App Activity, delete a Google service like Google+, YouTube or Gmail and even delete your whole Google account. “If you don’t want Google to store your data at all, you can delete your entire Google Account. And you can download your data first and take it with you.”

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