Adwords Search Campaign – Setup Basics

Every Adwords Search Campaign contains these elements

  1.  A Campaign
  2. An Adgroup under the campaign
  3.  Keywords within that adgroup
  4. Ads within that Adgroup

Each account is limited to 10,000 campaigns and 3 million keywords,  20,000 adgroups at 5,000 keywords per adgroup.

Basically for most companies you don’t have to worry about adding in too many keywords.

These limits also have been increasing every few years so chances are you won’t have to worry about them.

We are only looking at doing a search network campaign only. In general you never want to combine both Search Network along with Display.  It is best to segment those campaigns out as you will be getting drastically different results.

For the Purpose of this guide you do have 5 options when creating a campaign

Adwords Campaign Creation Options

Search Network with display Select:  Combines both search and Display

Search Network Only : Includes Google search and search partners

Display Network Only:  Include just the Google Display partner websites.

Shopping:  Best for Product Listing ads on Ecommerce sites

Online Video: For video ads

Search Campaign Settings

By default you should select the All Features option over the Standard campaign selection.  This will give you the most features possible such as adding on add extensions.  There is no reason to use the standard campaign features that I can think of as you are just limiting your options .

Adwords Campaign Type

Search Partners

Adwords Search Partners

By Default the Google Search Partners box is checked.  The issue is, Adwords does not  tell you who these search partners are and where sales are coming from.  There is also ZERO current ways to exclude specific search partners.

Because of this I highly recommend that by default you turn OFF search partners to start with.  You can always turn this feature on down the road after you have optimized and you are profitable on your campaigns.  Till then, this can be a budget bleeder and there is just no reason to include search partners starting off.

If you are an ecommerce company then I would highly recommend testing this feature out down the road.  However for most service based industries it’s not a good option.

This Lesson Covered Sections of an initial setup for an Adwords Search for our training series on Adwords PPC Search Training continued in Video 2 covering Adwords Locations

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